Weekend workout on the Rec Tec

Discussion in 'Pork' started by frog1369, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. Put the Rec Tec through its paces this weekend and it didn't miss a beat.  Friday night was pizza then gave it a rest until Saturday.  Saturday, four butts went on for about 16 hours.  Sunday morning it was pineapple upside down cake followed by two racks of baby backs.  I love the pellet grill control, while all these cooks were going on we did yard work, went to Lowe's, hauled stuff to the dump, stopped to see the kids and a variety of other things .......  While I enjoy a nice cold beverage, a lawn chair and tending the fire on my cookers this also works well for me, got a lot done and still got great eats.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

  2. bearcarver

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    That's some Beautiful work right there, Froggy!!![​IMG]

    I'll take a little of each, please!![​IMG]

  3. Sounds like a great weekend, with great results.. food looks fantastic
  4. chef willie

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    Sighhhhhhh....ALL looks terrific, BUT this isn't helping my attempt to stall off buying one......an upside down cake, what's not to like with these?.......Willie
  5. Thanks Bear,

    Compliments from you are always most welcome.  Now that I see your post makes me think I should have made some peanut butter meltaways, too.  I didn't add pics of Dutch's baked beans either, they are pretty much a staple now at our house.  The pizza was for fun, so was the pineapple cake.  I got the recipe off the Rec Tec site and adjusted it just a little with about 1/2 cup of coconut, so I guess it's a Pina Colada upside down cake.  The pork and ribs were just amazing.  I've got the ribs down in the Rec Tec now, burning those pellets is definitely some fun cooking.
    Oh yeah, Chef, you should get one.  I've had nothing but good food off it.  And that cake, with the addition of the coconut and that kiss of smoke, mmmMMM GOOD!  So good we each ate one piece and packed it up to give away at work because we knew we would eat it in two/three days if we didn't.  That's the problem with all this good cooking, it tends to settle in the middle of my body.  But, co-workers and friends are real happy when I show up with "care" packages.  [​IMG]

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