Lolipop legs bacon wrapped jalapeño popper chicken breast !Qview

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by russmn, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Made some chicken this weekend! Got the recipes from how to BBQ right! Turned out amazing .... smoker ran at 275/300 for two hours .. removed and glazed put back on the smoker for 35 min... it was my first time panning my chicken and man does that a make a difference with smaller pieces of chicken! After glazing I did put them on the smoker without a pan! I did half BBQ lollipops and half with a firecracker sauce! The bacon wrapped breast stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeños I glazed in BBQ also.. no marinade for the breast simply because they were frozen .. the legs I marinated half in franks hot sauce and soy the other half in Italian dressing ... hands down my best chicken I've ever made
  2. russmn

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    Here they are all prepped and ready to rock! I used a basic seasoning cause I was glazing them ... salt pepper garlic powder .. some ceyanne pepper on the fire cracker sauce ones
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    Here are the BBQ glazed ones .. I used about a 50/50 mix of hickory BBQ and a sweet BBQ... thinned with apple cider vinegar.. I boiled the sauce then let sit when still hot dunked entire pieces of chicken an back on the smoker for 35 min...
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    Here are the firecracker lollipops.. first of the lolipop Process does take some time but well worth it! People who hated legs loved these!
    The fire cracker glaze recipe is simple and to be honest doesn't even sound that great but it is! If u like spicy try this! Marinated in franks and some soy ...
    The glaze is equal parts franks and brown sugar... I did one cup each ... I also added some siracha and small shot of soy to the glaze .. bring to a boil .. let simmer dunk legs completely in .. make sure u dip the bone in also... it gives it a better look... hands down my favorite sauce for chicken...
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    Those look fantastic!

    Congrats on making the carousel!


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    Thank you .. what's is the carousel? Lol
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    At the top of this page:

    You will find the carousel!  It highlights the GREAT recent cooks 

    Nice work!
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    Ohhh wow ... well thank you very much!
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    They look great I can't do hot food any more Points

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    Thank you
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    I would eat that whole tray...
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    Tasty looking chicken!
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    That looks great..
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    Great looking chicken.
  17. I would like to see a step by step on those, I can't quite invision the process, but man do those look good I would definitely like to try making some. I'm sure your explanation was spot right on, it's my 72 year old processor that needs visuals of every step lol.

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    Very nice!


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