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  1. Up front, I do most things on a tight budget. Reading this site I have been convinced a dedicated stuffer beats stuffing off the grinder everytime. Now I start my long term (no hurry) research. Just starting out and will be doing small batches 5 # or so at a time to determine what we/I like. With mostly me eating it, a semi finicky wife and extra finicky daughter 5# of this, 5# of that and some of this, ect., can turn into a huge stock of sausage fast. Just don't need big batches.

     I see a number of imports on ebay for relatively cheap. They look fair quality, but what I notice they all have what I'll call rack and pinion type drives. LEM and the like use a bevel gear arrangement on a nut on a threaded shaft as best I can tell. This affords bou-cou mechcanical advantage where I just don't see that happening with the rack and pinion set up. Maybe that advantage isn't needed.

     Any know if these rack and pinion type are as hard to use as I'm thinking ?
  2. LEM 5 lb stuffer is about $131 on Amazon right now. It has been as high as $155. I bought another brand a while back, but this is one I had my eye on.
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    I got the 5lb stuffer from Academy Sports (Game Winner brand) for $99 and have been very pleased. It's nothing fancy or flashy but is solid and dependable. Has a stainless steel canister and all steel gears. Only plastic parts are the stuffing horns (1-9/16" base) and nut. I know it was on sale for $75 last January and February. Best I can tell is that this unit it the same as LEM, Grizzley, Kitchener etc. but has steel gears.
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    I have the Grizzly stuffer...  for 5 years it has served me well...   $89 ...

    [​IMG]Grizzly H6252 - 5 lb. Sausage Stuffer-Vertical


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    This 5 lb. Sausage Stuffer features a removable cylinder and base that are made of stainless steel. The welded cold-rolled steel frame is electroplated with nickel. Easy-to-clean food grade plastic piston. Includes 3 plastic stuffing tubes: 5/8", 7/8" and 1".
    • Cylinder measures 8" high x 4-7/8" diameter
    • Base measures 9-1/2" long x 6" wide
    • Tabletop design
    • Approximate shipping weight: 11 lbs.
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    I have a 5# LEM, very good. Has metal gears.

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    5# is more than enough for me as well, sparky, and I don't have $ to burn, either. Got this at Gander Mountain (obviously) on sale for $89 last year and it works just fine for me. It pushes snack stick through a 1/2" horn just fine, even with the plastic gears. If you'll notice, other than the name, it's identical to the Grizzly and many others. I suspect one manufacturer builds most of them (LEM?) and different names are applied.

  7. I have this one & love it returned the 5 lbs gander mount one after having issues with the handle.

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    I have the 11 lb Weston stuffer as well and love it. 
  9. I have a Kitchener 5 lb.  from Northern Tool $99.99  I found a coupon  $10, off on $100 purchase  I ordered the stuffer and a screw driver (always use a screw driver) to get just over the $100

    It has plastic gears, but I HAVE NOT experienced any problems of excessive wear on them. Pretty sure as long as you don't get crazy on the cranking you won't have any.

    Anyway a great stuffer for the price

  10. I doubt I'll wait for Black Friday sales. I'm thinking the grizzly is my front runner for now, unless I build a water stuffer. I can do that pretty cheap but hate the idea of being teathered to a water hose and drain. Humm... wonder if acadamy operates in my area. I got northern tool and bass pro (overly inflated pricing).
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    Hey Mo....  If you go to their showroom to pick it up.....   Wear blinders....   They've got stuff you won't be able to live without...    I used to go through their showroom in Bellingham about twice per month, just to look at neat stuff.....    
  13. Make your purchase online, with the in store pickup, and take no money or credit cards with you when you go.
  14. Don't I know it. The web site makes me drool. Northern is now the front runner. Coupon makes it same price as Grizz and no shipping. Where the heck do you get the coupons ? Can't afford to make the move yet and with my luck this one will expire before I do.
  15. Google "Great Northern promo" to find the promo codes.
  16. Once you buy something and get on their list they will send coupons pretty regular.

    I just Googled  NORTHERN TOOL COUPONS and it came up

  17. Thanks, I found them. I've been bad and haven't checked my mail in forever. Probably had coupons and didn't know it.
  18. I bought a display gander mountain stuffed off fleabay, needed the handle and key nut to connect the handle, ordered the parts from LEM and got perfectly. It has the nylon gears but I marked the rod where at the lowest point it can go without breaking the gears and it works flawlessly. I'm like you, I only make a batch here and there. The most I make in one go is #10, but typically stick with #5 batches

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  19. That is a great idea. How did you mark the rod ?
  20. Lowered the plunger (for lack of a better term" into the stuffer as if I am stuffing sausage. Once it's at the very bottom of the calendar I marked the top of the rod with a permanent marker.

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