Pork Shoulder Strips on the 18.5" Weber OTS

Discussion in 'Pork' started by remmy700p, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. It came out SOOOOOO good. Took it to 200F internal temp and it pulled apart perfectly. Basted it in a heated BBQ sauce/red wine/pork rub basting sauce just prior to pulling apart for plating. $8 of meat could easily serve 5-6 people. Served it with a sweet corn-green pea potato mash.

    Weber kettle FTW!!

    This was all that was left!!!  ----\/

    I really love to BBQ up the smaller cuts (<5lbs). It's a perfect size for a family of four. And it is so inexpensive.

    I now have an audience on the BBQ evenings. We have a feral family (extended) of cats that essentially live in our back yard. They all show up and start sniffing the kettle during the smokes. Even the kittens are getting into it now. I'm going to take that as an affirmation!!!
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    Tasty looking smoke!!!!
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    Nice! My cats would like it as well. Every time I smoke or grill something all three hang around.
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  4. Making me hungry 

  5. I just put a 3lb brisket flat on the kettle a little over a half hour ago, and one of the half-grown kittens stood up to smell the fixins and slid the one-touch damper bar closed. WTF??!!! So the cats can fark with my BBQ settings now??? How do you prevent THAT? I haven't seen that little curveball in the Kingsford Invitational BBQ Championship!!!
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    That's funny!!!

    You might want to get a dog... ;)
  7. Those are great, around here they call them Country style ribs. I like em lots of meat         Well done !!


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