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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by imjesse1, Jun 13, 2016.

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    So I have a vague idea how to make brats, I picked up a kitchenaid , grinder/stuffer.
    Now I'm looking for help with my first try. I'm thinking 1 pork butt, and collagen casings
    I'll just mix the seasoning as directed
    Is there anything I'm missing, or is it that easy?
  2. I have a dedicated grinder & a dedicated stuffer it is easier for me that way. I do all of my grinding one time with the medium plate. I would use hog casings lately I have been buying the pre-tubed casings & they seem easy to work with, at first I was a little apprehensive about them but certainly glad I did. There are some great recipes on here that you should check out just search brat recipes & a bunch will pop up, or the AC leggs mix is good & takes the recipe variation out of it. I also, after it being suggestedx keep a sausage notebook to record my recipe variations. Definitely plan on including some NFDM as it will definitely help with your texture. Don't be afraid to jump in, ask questions & have some fun with it.
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    The KA is an OK grinder but sucks as a stuffer. However you can get by until you realize your sausage is way better than store bought and want to do bigger batches. Other than keeping everything REALLY COLD and being patient, you have the gist of it. Cut meat and fat into 1" cubes removing any sinew you can't see through. This is no time to worry about your Diet and remove all the Fat. If you do the sausage texture will be dry and crumbly, not very juicy. Add spices now (or after Coarse Grind). Chill the meat and fat very well, firm near frozen. Coarse Grind. If you want a chunky sausage mix until the meat gets very sticky, maybe 10 minutes. If a Fine Sausage is desired, mix 1-2 minutes, spread meat to 1" or so and chill the coarse meat, 30 minutes in the freezer, and grind through the fine plate. Now mix 10 minutes until super tacky. Chill again. Put the Coarse Plate, NO BLADE, and the appropriate stuffer tube on the machine. Slide on the Collagen Casing, strip a few inches and start feeding with the machine on 1. For best result drop meatball sized dollops of mix in a steady stream. I avoid using the Tamper as it feeds better if you take your time and maintain a steady pace, letting the machine work for you. It is nice to have a helper here. Wrapping your hand around the end of the tube and casing, hold back until the casing fills to firm but not bursting, letting the sausage strip off at it's own pace. Keep feeding and filling until all meat is worked through. Now you can pinch desired sized Links. Twist one, Skip one, Twist one, Skip one. You are done. Best to let rest overnight for flavors to meld. At this point you can cook as desired or freeze. If smoking, do so at 225°F or higher to an IT of 165° since this is a Fresh, no Cure added, sausage. That's about it. Good Luck...JJ
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    Sprung for a compression stuffer!!!!! Couldn't be happier!
    Making .99$/ pound brats that art out of this world, adding cheese,peppers even celery and onion , can't do that with the kitchen aid..

    Thanks for all the help , the compliments at cook outs are awesome!

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