Philly Cheese Steak & Mushroom Swiss Patties & Brats

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    Awhile back we made a test run of some Philly Cheese Steak Brats and Mushroom Swiss Brats and they turned out amazing, so we decided to make up some patties as well this time around.  My dad called and wanted some buffalo made up into this mix so who am I to argue and it was perfect timing... I know some is going into our freezer.

    Took a 25 lb. batch of each of the mixes (the Philly Cheese Steak and the Mushroom) and divided them into two smaller 12.5 lb. batches...

    Here is a pic of the Philly separated. One will get mixed for the brats and one will get mixed for the patties.

    For the brats we mixed them 50/50 with buffalo & pork - so 6.25 lbs of pork and 6.25 lbs of buffalo.   For the patties we mixed them about 65/35 with buffalo & pork - so we did 8 lbs. buffalo and 4.5 lbs. of pork. After the grinding was all done I added in 2 lbs. of Swiss cheese to the Mushroom mix and 2 lbs. of Pepper Jack cheese to the Philly mix.

    Here is a pic of just the meat before the seasoning is mixed in. 

    Here is a pic of the patty maker in action - thought I had some better pics, but you get the idea of how it works.  Really like this little attachment!

    And the brats....

    Into the freezer to set up so we can package them away with the foodsaver. Here you can see that we use a sheet of patty paper for each of the patties so that they don't stick to the pan while in the freezer or to each other.

    Can't leave you hanging, so here is a pic of the patties getting cooked up!

    Amazing flavors in these mixes! Most of these went to my dad but we did get to sample some and are hoping to tag some deer and do more for our own freezer.  I plan next to do some burgers with the mixes... going to do a 90/10 mix and patty them as a burger - can't wait!!  Need to hurry up and tag a deer so we can mix up some more!!
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    those look great.

    I like the patty maker. have considered getting it just havent pulled the trigger.
  3. driedstick

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    Very nice, those look very yummy
  4. boykjo

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  5. stayhot

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    All that looks really good! Are the brats made 100% from the mix or do you add mushrooms and cheese to the mix?
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    Hey Tat

    Never saw a patty maker like that before.  Could you tell me about it pls

  7. tatonka3a2

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    The only extra that I added to the mix was the cheese.  It is a Mushroom Brat Mix. 
    Sure thing - we bought it from Sausage Maker. 

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