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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shoneyboy, Jul 5, 2013.

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    With all of the projects that had to be completed by the end of June for work and more side work than I've seen in 5 years. I have been working so much lately I've lost track of days.....My wife and I usually try to cook something for dinner everyday, mainly for the kids. Well, I'll admit that I have been slacking lately......after a 10 hour day at the real job, then to get a call for side work, That may take 1,3 or 5 hours extra. So, my logic is to it's all about getting it while the getting is good and the money is then cooking dinner is the last thing I want to do.....So I convinced my wife that we just had to have a way to pre-prepare some meals......or at-least that was the angle I used to get her to let me buy this !!!!!!!!!!
    But really, my plan is to cook double what I usually do, when I can, I will seal it in a boiling bag......Then once someone gets in, they can just toss the bag in a pot of boiling water and BAM !!!! Dinner is done........At least that's how I sold her on it.......ROFLOL Thanks ShoneyBoy.....
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    Golf ball >>>> garden hose
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    Very nice SB!!!
    Reheating va/sealed meals saves a lot of time not to mention food! I do it all the time,!
  4. I'm starting on the same good ideas with my better half right now, Its worth a try, I mean i have to try?. 

    That's Wow !  a great addition to the tool list.  And " for real" a good idea, I have one still at home and 2 left the nest to speak and its a big job organizing meals. Thanks and post up any tips for it.

    have fun with it and good day
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      Nice way to put it!  Gives me ideas.....

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    Well, I have been wanting this machine since it has come out, but never could afford it. I’ve had several of the “other” kind of machines and to say that I'm a tad bit hard on equipment is being kind…..I’ve burn-up 2 of them in the last year……So, I started working  on the side again since the first of the year, I stated saving up for this. With the wife and I both working now, it’s hard to come home and cook most nights. Especially when I have to work another 2-3 hours after getting off of work at the real job. With two teenagers at home if you don’t cook, they want to eat out !!! And some of the places that they want to eat is not the best choice in my eyes…… If it was a perfect world, I would cook every day, but you know how life can be………So the usually plan is to cook 4-5 days a week and double up on what we are cooking, freeze the leftovers and be able to repurpose them again in a week or so……I had been doing this with the other machine, but it was a costing me so much for every bag and I was not getting the quality that I was looking for. I know that I paid more for the machine, but the bags work out to 2 or 3 cents apiece……and I’m so much happier with the way the machine vacuums and seals the bags…….The true test is in the freezer as we speak, I have half of a Lasagna in their from Friday that I will be re-purposing on them next week just to see how it comes out. I look at it yesterday and the bag was clear and stuck to the food, there was no place for ice or moisture to collect…….so I was really happy with is so far………..It came with 40 bags to try out the machine…. I probably used 20 of them this weekend resealing stuff that was already in the other bags that had failed. I’ve had a blast with this machine this weekend; the only problem that I have found is that I’m almost out of bags…….Ha! Ha! But I’ve already spoken with Ms. Lisa B with Vacuum Sealer Unlimited  and she has assured me that she can have me some bags very quickly[​IMG]……. ShoneyBoy

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