2 chamber Reverse Flow

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    Looks good.....
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    Looking really nice!!
    I can't wait to see this finished.

  3. Sweet work, particularly on the stacks. That's something you just wouldn't be able to buy...one of a kind!
  4. Thanks for the compliments guys! Q, I'm aiming to give this thing kinda a theme character and pull it all together. I have a few more ideas for parts to come...... we'll see how she turns out!
    Stay tuned.......

  5. Put a little time in the past week. Things took a beaten in the weather ( tried covering with a tarp but blew off a few times).

    So I cut out the baffles and cleaned all the inside with a finishing grinder disk. I'm glad I spent the time to do! Things gut pretty nasty from the metal dust and debris exposed to weather , I wouldn't of been able to clean it out.....

    I used a 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 inch angle this time for the center to carry drippings to the drain. And used 3/16this for plate and welded 100% tight. Also increased the pipe circumference to 3/4" inner, rather than 1/4"previously used.....
  6. Installing the rack slides. I fabbed 14 gage U channel 22" long and gave 3/16ths clearence for what the hight is on rack so it slides easely but does'nt wabbel.....

    Tacked in place

    Chess walls had some warpage from welding seams

    Pic is flipped but I cut a tube steel to width of chess and used to brace channel tight , to straighten

    walls out

    another view of how I braced channel

    all straightened

    Used a cutoff wheel and sliced the lip on face of the opening

    Welded that  channel and lip to solid things up nice!

    One more thing crossed off the " To Do List".........

    Stayed Tuned[​IMG]
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    nice work......   lookin' better....  Dave
  8. Thanks Dave. Its coming together nicely, I'm liking the shop setup I have to work with now. Taking it all in as therapy.

    I have a few ideas to dress things up and accessorize. And I talked to a painter at work today to have

    him spray this out professionally. That way I can maybe get into some different colors.......
  9. I'm looking for a little for some advice. I'm wondering if I should do some sort of a deflection plate at top of fire box or at the opening of inlet opening to cook chamber or both?

    I've seen some that have done this,and want to say have seen some reverse flow designs with...... And if I need/decide to add,I would like to do at this stage of the game instead

    of after paint so to say...........Any input welcome!
  10. I got the fire box ( or half of box) installed. After rushing start of build, I realized firebox was gonna be to small to heat BOTH chambers at same time. So after having box complete, I cut back side

    out with plazma cutter, and added another 10"s to width. Firebox will be 20"x30" 18"high when complete. This will give me 230% effiecency for grill side and 99% for chess side. 66% efficient

    for both running at same time. Which leads me into installing a couple zones of pipeburners.....I was leaning at installing anyways, to run on overnight smokes. I'm probably looking at a burner

    per chamber and one in firebox for start up fire.

                   Fire box installed                                                                                                                                

    A side view of where I'll be adding to...........

    Another side shot

    I gutta see how much room I have once I install chimney.

    But I'm thinking on building a warmer box in on top here

  11. just got home from putting a few hours in working on firebox.

    First I installed a damper, here it is. But trying to get a picture

    inside is useless because of lighting......


  12. I got the inside skin of the addition to the firebox.......

    Any way a lil at a time till shes done!

    I have another air intake down the bottom there. And the opening

    on the top left is gunna be for the warmer box I mentioned

    last night.
  13. This is an incredible build! I've been on here only a few weeks and just stumbled on to your thread. That is true craftsmanship!  Dave, I also have a question for you. I believe it was back in August that you made mention of Kaiser really appreciating the 3/16" RF plate. Why is that? Better all around heating? I was originally going to put 1/8" in mine, but now you have me wondering.
  14. daveomak

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    Nick, morning....   The thicker the RF plate, the more thermal mass it has.... Heat retention, uniform heat distribution, less chance of warping....   Not only is bigger better, thicker is better too.....
  15. I appreciate it Dave. I'm lucky enough to have a brother in the metals fabrication industry that will supply me with whatever I want out of his scrap. I talked to him yesterday and he's sitting on about 5 tons, and a bunch of it is 1/4"......guess I'm going thick now! Thanks for the knowledge.
  16. daveomak

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    nick...... If your location was listed in your profile, I would know where to drive, bearing gifts, to help you dig through the scrap pile.... [​IMG]
  17. I know! I have tried to put a profile up twice, but both times I was told to wait while it processed. The first time I had to leave after waiting on it for 25 minutes, and the second time I waited an hour and half. Not sure what is going on with that.  I had a decent greeting to everyone and everything! [​IMG] Be that as it may, I will try again soon. I'm from Frankfort, IN. Nice to meet you Dave and everyone else in here!
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    It may be that you are new here.... Our computer police don't trust anyone.....   be patient please....   Dave
  19. OK.

    Planning to get back to doing a little more work tomorrow. Seems every time I get into a grove on this, something happens and then another 3 months fly by.......

    Well tomorrow I'll be looking at maybe finishing up the Fire Box, then maybe get into extending the cook chamber on right side out a little. I saw it done on another

    build and I liked the look plus in my case it will benefit where install smoke stack for chest cook chamber. I also been researching, designing and coming up with stock

    for pipe burners for this. I'll have a burner for both chambers and also for fire box. The burners will be for overnight smokes and if I need to leave a cook unattended for whatever reason

    also for if a need for assistance while using both chambers at once.......
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    I just saw this thread.  You have a great creation going on here!  Great looking build, fab skills and much patience. 

    Just keep plugging away at it, can't wait to see the end result. 


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