2 chamber Reverse Flow

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  1. Then I just tacked down some rods to keep bottom in place while

    laying out miters

  2. Now to make some templates out of light gage to transfer on to heavier gage flat stock

    so I can make my cuts with a table band saw.

    I rolled the profile and shaped n cut miters

  3. Starting to make progress now! 16 gage black iron.

    More to come..............
  4. jarjarchef

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    Very interesting. I like to learn new things and this is a very cool thing... Sure the end, but I am on the bus....
  5. I finished one cap. I just gutta buff the welds  down, and make some brackets to connect it to the stack. I have to figure out if and what I want to mount on top to give this some sort of character to kinda accent everything.

    rough buff

  6. 05sprcrw

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    Looks great, and I am liking the square look vs the round tanks I usually work with may have to give it a go at something similar to yours.
  7. Great work KaizersCall. This is what a custom built back yard smoker should look like! 

    Innovation and a lot of work. I like your idea to build a jig to hold elevation and plan dimensions.

    You have some good ideas and you're making them your own.

    Way too go! You have mad layout skills.

    I can't wait to see how you put it all together.

  8. Wow where does the time go? Been puttering around with smokestack, a cap and fire box. I have put a plan together for finishing this before spring. I hope!

    I need to transport everything to a shop that will let me use their welders, and have the room needed to work on everything at once.
  9. Reminds me of the top of my grandpa's still!
  10. Let me run ya through the lay out n fab of the top of the caps.....

    bottom ring 2" with 1 1/2" bends at 35degrees

    top is 1 1/2" with 3/4"bends 35degrees

    Next for the filler pieces. 2" strip, I marked at 1 1/2" intervals and scribed points 90degrees. Then at the top I came in 3/8" on each side, lined top points with bottom points and scratched each.

    As ya can see in marker.

  11. Time to tac it all together

    Ready for weld

  12. Smoke stacks are getting there. I'm trying to figure out what style damper I want to install. Like a blast gate, or spin style damper?  Hope to finish these 2 tomorrow!
  13. Are you sure you're not building a moonshine still?
  14. jarjarchef

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    Looking good!!
  15. It is really impressive.  I don't think I would have the talent or the patients for something like that.
  16. Ok, back to work on this! I've transported the smoker to the Apprentice training center. Here I'll have all the equipment to complete my project, Just as long

    as I don't get in the way of Instructors teaching the classes.

    First thing I needed to do was make it a stand and put it on wheels so when I'm not working on it I can store it out of the way.

  17. I used 3"x3" 54" long tube steel. I left it short by 8" on length to accommodate the firebox that is gunna be installed fish mouth style. Once I install firebox is installed,I'll add to the stand accordingly to carry all the weight. The smoker is 22" wide, and I added 1" to set it down on 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" tube steel that are spaced 18" apart.

  18. Next was the legs. 4"x4"tube steel, That like the smoker, has been "flavored" by the New England weather!

                                                                                             I used a finishing pad on the grinder, and it cleaned up

    in no time at all !(Excellent to know seeing I'll be doing the whole smoker)    


  19. Just tacking the legs on. LOVE these magnets to hold 90 degrees!

  20. SHE HOLDS........

    Notice the smoker overhanging. The Firebox will set back to that point, and I'll frame the stand to carry the weight (and it is Heavy being double walled)

     I have my work cut out for me here, I'm aiming to smoke something Mamorial Day weekend.........

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