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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by noogsmoke, Jul 15, 2013.

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    I'm hoping to get some feedback on a new smoker build idea.  I have 3 55gal drums that I'm looking to use.  I have no welder and a limited budget.  I built a 30gal UDS previously but need a larger smoking area, which is why i picked up some 55g drums this time.  In order to eliminate cuts and potential areas for air to leak I came up with this idea.  It's sort of a hodge podge of a UDS and Side Fire Box.

    Essentially, I will lay one of the barrels on its side and cut out a door for access to build and control fire/temp.  I want to use a length of steel pipe from the large bunghole on the first barrel to a hole I will cut in the bottom of the second barrel.  I am hoping that because of the position of the steel pipe at the bottom of the vertical barrel I can fill that whole barrel with racks of meat.  The top will be cut off the second one much like in a UDS build.

    Correct me if I'm thinking incorrectly on this, but I was hoping that because the fire will be built in a full 55g drum with a 4-6" diameter steel pipe 12-14" long that a baffle/deflector will not be necessary.

    Is this a terrible idea or what :)?
  2. I don't think you can get enough heat threw a 2" pipe to do anything. I vote uds or 2 uds. If you can get enough heat. Then you have the problem of getting the food in and out of the CC it is deep and would be hot and smokie

    Happy smoken.

  3. noogsmoke

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    2" would be too small for sure.  I have a piece of black steel that is 4" x 18".  Do you think 4" is enough to get some heat through.  The only other option I was considering was a T shaped barrel build, but wasn't sure if I could get a good enough seal without welding.
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    Good point.  For some reason I was assuming that the smoke would be drawn through the second barrel regardless of it's position on the first barrel.

    What about rotating the horizontal barrel so that the smoke output is on the top instead of the bottom???
  6. That would help. But I still don't see it working[​IMG]

    Some body had a no weld double barrel build posted. Hit the search bar. Send DaveOmak a PM and ask He has plans running out the ..........

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  7. daveomak

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    NS, morning....   That design will work....  needs some help though... large enough stack between the 2 to reduce friction, maybe a shorter disstance....   One sure way is to elevate the cooking chamber barrel and rotate the FB barrel so the stack comes out near the top...  

    Heat does like to rise (density thing), and the cook chamber would be at a more accessible height..  

    Using that type design, with all the surface area of the 2 drums, heat loss will be a lot... and lots of fuel consumed...  

    That is the reason an UDS is so  popular....  inexpensive, very efficient, little heat loss, and they cook great food......    All things considered.....   It is very hard to come up with a better smoker than the UDS...  there are hundreds of designs but none more efficient at burning fuel or cooking food...  Well, maybe the Weber is right up there...  Now you have my opinion...Ka Ching ...
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  8. sqwib

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    Noog, check this out, you may be interested in this build...These guys are definitely no frills and really enjoy themselves, smoking stogies, having a few bears and hangin' out!

  9. fwismoker

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    Noog, if you want an offset smoker then you can build that from barrels but the cook chamber would be best horizontal.... If you want a vertical cook chamber then you might as well have a normal UDS, like Dave said is efficient and produces great food.

     If cooking space is a concern then 3 barrels=  over 2000 sq inches of cooking space if you put in 2 racks in normal UDS set up.
  10. noogsmoke

    noogsmoke Newbie

    I cut the top off one of the barrels and have begun another UDS build with it.  If UDS builds are so efficient then why are the majority of commercially produced/emulated smokers offset or otherwise?
  11. daveomak

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    If you looked at the racks available for an UDS, and the racks available for a 500 gallon offset smoker, you wouldn't ask that question...[​IMG]..
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  12. because they make money selling them. I can sell you a green cow, That smokes it's self for ???? but if you want to upgrade I have a model 3421..............morel of the story is control heat and you can smoke............your welcome to pay more if you wish

    Happy smoken.

  13. fwismoker

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    So they can make more $'s     Can you imagine the money that say Charbroil make selling COS's (cheap offset smokers)??    How many ECB's are there out there?   Why do people buy them??  Answer is because they don't know better.
  14. I'm just blowing smoke here becouse I've never built one from a drum, but I've always felt that this looked like a good design ( if using a drum).

    And Ive got a question, what you guys are calling a UDS , is that basically a R2D2 smoker but larger where you have to load the fuel from the top or small access hole?

  15. Yup single drum R2D2 with a fuel basket and a divorced AMNPS smoke box

    Happy smoken.

  16. fwismoker

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    No R2D2 here...

    I'm a flat topper.
  17. How are you adding your fuel, and are you using a water pan between the heat and the food?
  18. fwismoker

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    1 basket goes over 15 [email protected] 250 with lump (longer if i use KB) so i haven't needed to add any yet.   Drums tend to cook quicker so what might be a 17-18 hour cook in an offset could be 15 on the drum with both cooking at the same temperature.  If i had to cook longer i'll just flip up the Weber hinged grate and drop some more down into the basket.  You could pull the cooking grate and add fuel but no need if you have the hinged grate.

    Water pan...Heck no,  NO need in a drum.   Drippings straight down to the coals for me...I just did 3 chickens and when i was done i didn't have any grease in the basket or bottom, it just added more flavor to the smoke.  

    Some folks add a diffuser like a pizza pan with holes, i have one but don't use it often and if i do it still allows drippings to go to the coals.  
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  19. So it does work kind of like a R2D2 smoker..... I didn't add water to those either, just triple wrapped the water pan with aluminum foil to keep the grease smoke down. I guess I could have drilled holes in the pan and just let it drip out.  

    I guess those are slide vents along the bottom?   whats the ball valve for on the lower right hand side?
  20. fwismoker

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    That ball valve is for when i hook up either the BBQ Guru or the PitmasterIQ.    Both of them screw into the 3/4.

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