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  1. Hello my friends i have smoked sholders ribs turkeys briskett with real good results, I wanted to do a 40/50lb whole hog for the 4th of july, this is a new one for me, i will be greatful for any advise on temp,time smoke, rub sause,


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    Quint what type of cooker will you be using?
  3. I have a Chargriller with a offset fire box
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    ok Thanks :)

    I assume this will be a skin-on pig and not butterflied?  Don't think a butterflied one would fit in a chargriller but I'm not sure.

    You can use your favorite injection recipes for the butts and hams...the backstrap (loin) too. Also rubbing the skin with oil and seasong with  your favorite dry rub OR just kosher salt and cracked black pepper is good.

    Since the smoker isn't a reverse flow, you might want to rotate the pig half way through the cook. Place the head at the firebox end to start and switch ends about 3 1/2 hours into the cook. Place wire under the pig to help lift and turn it. or another cooking rack if you have one.

    Cover any parts with foil that are getting too dark (ears, head) even the rib section cooks pretty fast. You can lay bacon over the loin too to keep it moist..

    I would go with 250 to 275 degrees and bring the butts up to an internal temp of 180 or so.... when cooking a whole hog its easy to dry out the rib and loin section when trying to get the butts and hams up to higher temps.

    Make sure to let the pig rest after smoking .... just like any meat. The juices need to redistribute.

    Place foil pans under the pig or use foil "ropes" to channel the drippings away from your heat source... The drippings will flair up!

    Just a few tips, I know I'm leaving out a lot!
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    I dont think you left anything out..... great info cowgirl
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    Cowgirl knows her pig smoking/cooking. [​IMG]
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    Thank you boykjo and Meat!! [​IMG]   [​IMG]

    I've cooked more of them than I can count. lol
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  8. Thanks Cowgirl for all the info, i know it will come out good now, i will be cooking it july 3rd and will post lots of Q viwes, I am looking foward to this thanks again,

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    Jeannie gave you great advice. If you check out her blog you will see she has done a number of these well enough to post on her blog.
  10. how do you post pictures I tried last night and it said since I'm new that they were being held for moderation??? what dose that mean???
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