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  1. When making venison snack sticks what percentage of pork fat back do you recommend? I just made 25lbs with 30% fat back and they are too greasy in my opinion. Edible but a lot of work for a sub par batch. I also used Waltons 19mm collagen casings. I like them but they seemed larger than the 19mm I'm used to from LEM. Seasoned with Waltons pepper stick. A tad salty for me. Thanks for any ideas.
  2. jckdanls 07

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    70/30 is what I usually do... next time I'm gonna go 80/20 for the same reason you mentioned... but I use boston butt... not straight fatback...
  3. I've always used pork butts as well but came across a load of fat back. Big difference! I might try 15% fat back next go around. 30 was way too much!
  4. crazymoon

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    I also go the same route as JD07. I'm in the 4:1 ratio with pork butt,maybe just a tad more but not much.
  5. Has anyone ever done venison sticks with straight venison?

    I know, I's too dry. Hear me out, lol. 

    I grind my own venison, and we use it straight, nothing added, for everything. Yeah, the burgers aren't as juicy as beef, but we have grown to like the taste and consistency. 

    Other than sticks being likewise dry compared to a mix of venison/pork, is there anything that would be negatively impacted by going with straight venison instead of mixing?

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