The Smoker, The finished product!

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by smokerrookie, May 18, 2008.

  1. Ok well, these things are never really finished, but It's 95% done and ready for smoking! Here's some pics

    Well started all back in October! Just starting to cut the doors out
    Giving a test fitting

    Welded to the trailer, with all the extra stuff setting on the front

  2. [​IMG]
    Painted and ready to go...




  3. Nice lookin rig yall built!
  4. [​IMG]
    Yeah, those are LED lights. Almost blinding at night time.



  5. Well I had someone to do all my welding, since, well....since I'm not the best at it and don't have a welder. And I'm pretty good with a saw, wood and a drill, so I did that. Plus I thought it would look pretty good.
  6. Well thanks, yeah The boards aren't to heavy.....just 5/4 by 6 by 10 inch flooring. The tires on it are awful, probably atleast 10 years old. As soon as my paycheck from my summer job comes in, I'm gonna go get a new set of tires and rims for this bad boy.
  7. seboke

    seboke OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    What a great looking project! Wish I could build something like that. If I only had the skills, tools, patience....
  8. Looks very nice, and alot of hard work and money for sure. Keep an eye on them plastic lights, they are about 6-10 inches too close to that firebox. I hope I am wrong. Other than that, the rig looks sweet![​IMG]
  9. Great looking smoker. Good job [​IMG] Now just show us some Q-View when you break er in.

    Happy Smokin

  10. smok'n steve

    smok'n steve OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Looks great, can't wait to see the q-views!!!
  11. Yeah, they are a little close, actually started to melt one the other day. Thats what I built me some wooden boxes on the back to keep the heat off them. Hope it works, but then again I had it like 525 degrees, so maybe at the cooler smoking temps it will be ok. I spent about 500-700 dollars on the whole thing, that will include wheels and tires as well, so not too bad....alot of things I had given to be, basically everything other than the lights, reflecter tape, metal, paint, and that kinda stuff. But thats still better than say 2000 or more that I would have paid to buy one.
  12. cowgirl

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    Sweet! Well done Smokerrookie.[​IMG]
  13. cman95

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    Nice looking rig you have there. Enjoy!!
  14. Nice set-up, fire that baby up for "Q-VIEWS"
  15. Great Job Man, I Know Im Still The Rookie Of All Rookies But Im Am An Auto Spe******t, Im Not So Concerned With The Lamps Melting Down As Much As I Am The Trailer Wiring, The Insulation On The Wiring Will Get Soft And Could Rub In To The Frame, You Won't Even Know It Until You Hook Up And Hit The Brakes, It Will Short Out And May Even Damage The Trucks Electrical System, Just My 2 Cents Dude.
  16. Sweet looking rig.................Good job..............................
  17. flyin'illini

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    Nice work! That is just a great looking transformation. Thanks for sharing. ($500-700 is great)

    FWIW.. I agree with the worry bead mentioned on the temps the rear lights/wiring might see but think your wood might be enough of a barrier. (I did some heat management testing on trucks back in the day) But like we say here, just put a probe in area of your rear lights/wiring and get a temp reading to see what is going on during a smoke.

    This is very rough but if you stay under 140 you are fine for sure (this was our carpet temp bogey I remember), 140-180 you are probably okay due to low frequency of occurrence, 180-210 you are probably compromising the wiring covering. (I would need to go check these exact temps numbers with my auto engr friends so use it as a very rough guideline)

    You can go up in material beyond wood fairly easily if find an issue so no tear-up needed regardless, IMHO.
  18. waysideranch

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    Nice. Its great you brought your vision to reality. Very satisfying I'm sure.

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