Q's for my first fatties this weekend

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by greendrake, May 14, 2010.

  1. greendrake

    greendrake Smoke Blower

    Hey guys, I have searched through this section looking for ideas for the Fatties, I get that I have to put the meat in a plastic bag to more readily flatten it out to roll up, so here is what I am thinking of doing for tomorrow.

    1 2lb ground chuck fattie with pickle, onion and cheese (I may get a little more creative with this one but I do want to try a cheeseburger fatty, going to slice it up to serve on slider buns)

    1 2lb lamb fattie with nothing but feta inside.

    What temps do you cook yours at? I am cooking on a Traeger 075 with a digital.
  2. shooter1

    shooter1 Smoking Fanatic

    I just did some breakfast fatties for our Mothers Day Brunch and I smoked them with some applewood at 235° for right at 3 hours to an internal temp of 160° and they came out great. I did one with JD Maple sausage and Maple Bacon and one with turkey sausage and turkey bacon for a healthier version and they both came out great. I used scrambled eggs, southwestern style hash browns and shredded cheddar and a little pork rub. I'll try to post some qview of them.

    I would say you could smoke between 225° and 250°. They sound great, especially the lamb fattie, let us know how they come out. The lamb fattie would be great with some zatziki sauce!
  3. greendrake

    greendrake Smoke Blower

    Ahhh the greek sauce, forgot about that, I am going to make some this afternoon and use that as well, thanks for the idea. Maybe top it with some cuccumber when it's done.
  4. So, GreenDrake, are you using hamburger meat entirely as the fattie instead of sausage? I've never done a fattie and that's because my family isn't crazy about sausage. But, I have a feeling if I did a cheeseburger fattie, they would really like it. Is doing a fattie out of hamburger meat realistic?
  5. greendrake

    greendrake Smoke Blower

    BOS, yes, I am going to do the entire thing out of ground beef, chuck to be more specific. why not, worth a shot and the mini fatty sliders sound like they would be a great treat for the competition I am going to tomorrow.
  6. arnie

    arnie Smoking Fanatic

    A 1 lb fatty smokes well at 225 to an internal temp of 160 and is easy to handle.
    I’ve done the 2 pounders in a fatty and a meatloaf, which are good, but they are harder to work with and the bacon weave is a bit more difficult.
  7. greendrake

    greendrake Smoke Blower

    OK just an update, I opted to do a 2lb greek fatty and some ribs, it is a rib competition this weekend, but the greek fatty has me drooling. I bought your basic pack of bacon, thick cut and two lbs of ground lamb. I put the lamb in a ziploc and weaved the bacon, no issues, seasoned the bacon, seasoned the lamb then introduced them to each other.

    I then put in a whole container of feta inside and rolled it up, no problemo. I seasoned a bit more of the top and wrapped it tight for the morning. I then made up a batch of super zinger tzatziki sauce, more than twice the required garlic, red onion, cuccumber, lemon juice and greek yogurt and MAN it is tasty, can't wait to try it in the morning when I get the Traeger going.

    I will bring my camera, or Flip video and take some shots of it. I imagine this is going to be one heck of a tasty treat, I just hope too many folks aren't thinking I am handing out my lunch for them to try out.

    Thanks for the tips fellas.
  8. meateater

    meateater Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    Ive done the burger fattie myself, a bit of wasabi is the ticket. [​IMG]
  9. greendrake

    greendrake Smoke Blower

    EPIC....just epic. Some of the competitors from the rib competition kept wandering over to beg for another taste of it, what a hit. One of the tastiest treats I have done on my Traeger....dumped on the tzatziki and a good bit of feta in the bite, wow. DO IT!!!!

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