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  1. Hello all,
    Right now I'm smoking on a Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24" and this summer it worked great. I started it up tonight to start smoking a pork butt for tomorrow and it will not get above 175 on it's own with a brand new tank of gas. I've opened the vents all of the way up, closed them up, but nothing seems to help. We have friends coming over tomorrow for ribs and I'm not starting them until 10 tomorrow morning. If anyone has any advice please please help.

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    Not familiar with your particular smoker there, but are you reading chamber/smoker temp by a temp gauge on the smoker itself ? If your working off the same gauge, how was the weather in the summer when ya used it, how cold is it now ? Some smokers take some time in colder weather to come up to temp.
  3. Yes I'm using the gauge on the front tonight as I did this summer. During the summer was a warm day and now it's about 40 outside. I know there is some variation there but it is really that much of a difference? It looks like I'm just drying the pork out more than I'm cooking it. I do plan on taking it out of the smoker, foiling it, and putting it in the oven here in another hour. The forecast for tomorrow is overcast in the upper 50's
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    Also, keep in mind.... A lot if not all stock therms "ones built into smoker" are not real accurate. If ya don't have one already, I'd invest in a dual probe therm like a Maverick ET-732 is a great therm. Dual probe allows for one probe to be used for smoker temp & one for food IT !
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    What was your outside summer temp?
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    I recently got the camp chef smoke vault 18 and smoked a turkey my first go around. It was 40 outside and I tad windy. During the initial season I got it up to 300 with no problem and not trying to go that high. I put the turkey in and no matter what, it wouldn't get above 225 until the internal temp of the turkey got to 150 then sky rocketed. The door therm seemed to be spot on with the internal temp reading that day but yesterday I did some Mac n cheese and it had no problem getting hot enough but the door therm read about 30 deg colder than the internal. Not sure what the issue is on yours but thought I would share my novice experience. I'm still trying to figure out what is going on with mine.

    I have read on one post that the less water the hotter it goes. Maybe try taking out some of the water if you have some in there?
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  7. I would love to have one but I haven't gotten around to buying one yet. Any advice for how I could get the smoker hotter?
  8. As of right now I'm taking the butt out of the smoker (3 hours and no bark at all), foiling, and putting it in the oven. Hopefully I can somehow work on the smoker tomorrow morning and then get some more heat. Here is a picture from this summer when it was working great.
  9. Around 80
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    All I will say is I have a pellet grill & when it gets cold, it really takes a little time for the smoker to come to temp.... The colder it is the longer it takes to get to temp....

    Inferno, I'am not by any means saying the built in therms of the CCSV are not accurate as I've not owned one.... I'll just say as I stated above that "most, if not all" now some may be an exception like the CCSV, but most stock therms are not reliably accurate.... Which is why most Q'ers will go with an after market therm such as the Mav.
  11. I'll try to get it going early tomorrow morning. Thank you for the feed back
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    Hope the best for ya, but the temp differences (summer to winter) can IMO really make a difference in getting the smoker temp up !
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    In my limited experience and from what I have read, I would agree. I was shocked that the first go around was spot on but the second was way off. I'm ordering either a Maverick or an igrill2 so I don't have to worry about it.
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    Hey Inferno, I've just never heard of a stock therm that is accurate consistently.... I've been smoking for 20+ yrs & have just never seen it ! That's the reason for suggesting the after market therms. The Mav is great & just got the igrill2 & it seems quite cool as well....
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    Almost sounds like the safety valve was tripped. Take a look at this vid.

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  16. Thanks for the tips, I tried everything and nothing would get the temp over 175. I ended up taking a vegetable grill tray and putting lump charcoal in there, moving the water pan up, and using as a regular charcoal smoker. It isn't the best by any means but it's working great so far.

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