Mussels with Chorizo Q-view

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  1. I cooked the chorizo on the smoker for about 1/2 hour then finished it up in a pot on the grill. I then removed the chorizo and added mussels and about 1 1/2" of white wine. After about 15 minutes the mussels open and I added a stick of butter, salt and pepper and put back the chorizo. Mixed it all up and I was good to go. The chorizo sauce that formed was fantastic and gave the mussels a little kick.



  2. smokinal

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    Looks delicious!
  3. roller

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    that looks GREAT, EJ !

    Wish I could eat mussels!

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    That is about the strangest combination I have heard of.  And I love it!  I bet the butter put it over the top.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    I love mussels. Thanks for another way to enjoy them.

  7. Thanks for looking guys.  Bear are you allergic to shellfish?  JC and Venture get a good chorizo and don't forget to remove the outer skin on the chorizo.  When the chorizo melts into the butter you get a great sauce that really isn't to spicy, just very flavorful.
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    I don't know---I'm chicken to try:

    I have loved Clams & Oysters all of my life, but never tried Mussels.

    Then my Son had Mussels at a picnic in NJ.

    That night, he got violently sick.

    We though maybe they had been spoiled.

    A few months later he ordered them in a restaurant.

    That night he got violently sick & thought he was going to die.

    Him being my son, and my health being what it is, I'm afraid to try them.

    I figure if I am as allergic as he is, it would probably kill me.

    Not worth the chance.


    PS: I still eat and enjoy Clams & Oysters.
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    Good call Bear. I am not a mussel guy either. They just don't set right with my stomach. I love the clams not the oysters - strange how the body reacts differnent for diffferent folks.
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    Mussels are much easier to cook than clams once you get them cleaned up.  They take a little more prep, but it is worth it. They are actually a little more forgiving than clams, but both are great.

    When harvesting them yourself, there are precautions to be followed, tho.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Its a very Spanish /Portugese way of cooking shellfish. I cook a dish I  ate in Portugal & at Portugese tables here thats pork & clams. Got some chorizo in it as well. I can post it if anybody is interested,in the 3 suburbs just south of me theres 45,000 people who were born in Portugal .Great cooks,fisherman & building contractors.
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        Dang,that sounds good[​IMG],last GOOD Mussels I had was in '86 at Corpus Christy.Got so drunk partying I lost my truck,for two days[​IMG]LOL
  14. Moikel I would like to see that.  Thanks.

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    Give me a week,Im flat out here with work & overload of rugby[​IMG].The recipe is freestyle out head after eating it here & abroad.I use neck or what they now call pork scotch fillet,chorizo,smoked paprika,dry sherry,sherry vinegar a few other bits. I will cook it & Qview it. I got a bit carried away trying to replicate a Zampone inspired thing & will have to finish that next.Our Portugese food here is great but a little under appreciated I think. Theres a real fusion feel to it probablly due to them having been early settlers in China,India,Africa & Brazil.
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    Sorry recipe is out "of my head".
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    [​IMG]It will be good rugby  games
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    Wow  It looks amazing . what type of chorizo?

    it gives me a great idea for a sauce .thanks i will report back[​IMG]
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  20. Africanmeats I used a Mexican Pork Chorizo.  It's a soft chorizo.  Deep red/orange in color.  Most chorizos found in local stores are made up  from Pork Salivary Glands, Lymph Nodes And Fat, Paprika, Soy Flour, Salt, Vinegar, Spices, Red Pepper, Garlic, Sodium Nitrite.  All the good things in life :)

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