I did something REALLY stupid yesterday!

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  1. I was making summer sausage using a 10 lb. kit. I had my meat thawed and purchased days before, and between the busy week I had and the research I had done to try some additions to the recipe, I overlooked the fact that the kit I was using had been used before (reduced by one half). I do this a lot, but didn't put together that I had prepared 10 lbs of meat, not 5 lbs of meat. I ended up using spices and cure for 5 lbs of meat on twicwe that amount of meat. Now I have some very bland summer sausage (if you can call it that) that won't keep very long. Unfortunately, I'll probably end up throwing it out and learning a very valuable and expensive lesson.

    I also used some fibrous casings that I had because they are the 2.5-inch size (I like the smaller summer sausage), but there was almost no smoke flavor present. Is there a difference in the mahogany casings? I even used my AMNPS.

    All in all, just a bad day. Now I've got to try to smoke some sausage on my Monday off, or I won't have any for my lunches in the next few weeks![​IMG]
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    If it wasn't in the fridge too long before using, it would have probably been alright if you hot smoked it to 140* IT in less than 4 hours, and then finished it to 160* IT.

  3. Don't feel too bad.  I did something really stupid on Friday myself.  I up and quit my job!  Best job I've ever had as for some reason they see fit to pay me even though I do no work at all.  I BS with the guys that come in, flirt with the ladies and tease the kids.  And once in a while I get to see a firearm that really blows my socks off.  Happened a couple of times this past week!

    Unfortunately, they expect me back on Monday morning.  They never take my quitting seriously!

    As far as throwing out the sausage, I'm sure you have a neighbor or three that would really appreciate the meat for their dogs, if you don't have one or four of your own.  The meat is still safe to eat but may not be tasty for yourself.  Dogs?  They just love meat and the less spices the better for their bellies!

    Let alone the surprises they leave for us in our backyards!
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    Perhaps this is a stupid question but could you not "freeze" the mix, get the additional stuff you need and then re-do what you have and ultimately go to the smoker?

    I assume you MAY have added a "preservative" already.
  5. Dave, I already smoked the sausage. I was tempted to throw it out, but the family talked me into saving it (although I'm convinced they won't eat it).

    It might be ok in a soup or sliced for grilled pizza, but that's a lot of soup and pizza!

    To redeem myself, I mixed and stuffed 10 more pounds into casings this evening, and will smoke them right after work tomorrow. The fry test was excellent!

    Oh, and AJBert, I actually considered using them as dog food, but our dog is an inside dog who spends her evenings sleeping at my feet. I can only imagine the gas that this sausage will cause!
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    Blame it on the Dog!!!


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