How often do you clean?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bosox20, Jul 14, 2013.

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    So I just got the MES30. It used to be so clean 😜. Then after I seasoned it it got a film inside. Then after my first ribs yesterday now it's really not new anymore!! I warped water tray and drip fray in foil so that helped.

    Question is do I obsess over keepi g it clean or just accept that smokers get dirty and you can't clean it like crazy after every use?? I'm told the dirt inside is BBQ goodness and to leave it alone. Thoughts?
  2. I clean the glass and the racks. Clean up any spills and that's it for me.

    Happy smoken.

  3. bosox20

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    I'm told to never clean inside of door and sides. Only to clean grates and drip tray and water pan. Everything else leave the way it is because it adds flavor. True ?
  4. Hello.  My friend themule69 got ya sorted.  You are correct.  The glass can be cleaned without worry.  themule69 says he cleans his glass but that is because he likes to sit in front of his smoker with a cold beverage and admire his work; but who doesn't. [​IMG]   Keep Smokin!

  5. I don't run an MES but in the WSM I don't clean the inside "seasoning" I have built up.  I no longer want it shiny inside so I can control heat better.  It may/may not be the same in your type cooker.
  6. Glad I came in the house and read this post. I was just cleaning the glass with a razor blade and a little ammonia on a soft scouring pad. After that I rinsed/wiped it down with just water to get the streaks off and was wondering if I should clean the inside. So that is part of the flavor? I will stick to  cleaning the grates, drip tray and water pan. Great site...thanks for all the cooking tips!
  7. I don't own a MES30 or any type that has a glass door, Mine is a Charbroil 2-in-1 smoker roaster. Only thing I clean on that or the racks and basket and wipe down any spills on the outside. Every so often I'll scrape off what ever stuff builds up on the bottom that didn't fall through the hole into the drip pan. Other then that I leave the sides alone.

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