How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. Isn't that all we really need????? - or so we're told
  2. papajean

    papajean Newbie

    30 years ago my 1st son was 4 he called me papajean (Jean is my first name)
  3. goatbiker

    goatbiker Newbie

    I am a bicycle rider (road, recumbent) and my wife tagged me with this cycling moniker that has stuck with me for everything else..

    Goatbiking. "It's not the size of the hills you climb, it's what you smell like when you're done".
  4. Mine was originally ragabash, which was a kind of trickster, and fairly appropriate. However, every time I tried to use it, it was taken. I got fed up, and replaced the As with 4s and the S with 5. It's a pain to give to people, but no one else has it!
  5. I'm a lifetime Harley Rider and the Dad of 3 Grown " Kids"
  6. Mine is pretty simple I live in a small city that resides in two provinces (Alberta and Saskatchewan) it is known as The Border City……alas the handle!!

  7. dragtruck

    dragtruck Newbie

    I drag raced a pick up truck for 18 years so dragtruck just seemed to fit.
  8. Mine is obvious to anyone watching TV in the 50's. The Howdy Doody show was a favorite kids show with Buffalo Bob Smith as the host. There were also Clarabell the clown, Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring and chief Thunder Cloud performing in front of the Peanut Gallery. Many people still call me "Buff"
  9. My husband gave me mine. I am always lurking about the kitchen getting into some sort of mischief.  He started calling me his little kitchen rat. It sounded like a good screen name so I went with it. When it comes tasting time he's the lab rat. lol
  10. I graduated from Auburn University in Wildlife Science.  I am a wildlife biologist via "auburnwildlife".
  11. teepeelodg

    teepeelodg Newbie

    we own a 22 ft teepee
  12. magslam

    magslam Smoke Blower

    Shouldn't you stay inside?
  13. teepeelodg

    teepeelodg Newbie

    we take it down in winter put back up in spring
  14. jahunaman

    jahunaman Newbie

    Well, I love the Pacific Island spices and foods during smoking.

    As a backyard god of smoke, many a neighbor on a hot summer morning awaiting my smoke signals.

    On one late PM, taking the shoulder out of the smoker. My wife was setting the picnic table.

    A friend commented "how did you get your daughter to set a table' I could never do this.

    I responded not my daughter but my wife of some 30 yrs.

    OMG when you married her she must have been a kid.

    He then stated what are you a god or something.

    Thus began the legend of.

    Jahunaman keeper of smoke and young thang.
  15. thumper01

    thumper01 Newbie

    Was given to me in high school.
  16. tr00ter

    tr00ter Smoke Blower

    I'm a trout angler, I refer to them as Trooot, well there I am Trooter.
  17. bigwheel

    bigwheel Smoking Fanatic

    I am known as bigwheel. It started a long time ago when some of the folks at work started calling me that as a humorous word play on my last name..Wheeler...coupled with my large biceps and vulgar bulge.
  18. Because I'm polite lmao

    Ya I know it's spelled wrong too....
  19. Just came up with my new screen name, watching BBQ Pit Boys YouTube videos. When it is time to eat all the boys come swooping in to eat. 

    My new screen name is "BBQ Pit Vulture" .

    Now I need to find a good Avatar.

    OK,  got the name in the signature line at the bottom.

    Anyone know how to change screen name
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  20. Several years and a couple of hobbies ago I started collecting and repairing mechanical wristwatches.  Seiko makes the Seiko 5 for Asian markets--a rugged, reliable and reasonably accurate and inexpensive mechanical automatic.  Not widely available in the US, but otherwise the watch equivalent of a Camry or Accord.   Ordered one from Ebay, then discovered that there are people counterfeiting Seiko 5's (mostly with Chinese parts)--mine came marked  "21 Jewels" on the dial, but "Sevesteen Jewels" on the exhibition back on the rotor.  I started using the name as a joke--but it wound up handy, as it is simple enough to remember but generally unused on a forum.  I wound up registering the domain name, and keeping the nickname even when I mostly gave up working on watches as a hobby. 

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