How did you come up with your screen name?

Discussion in 'Messages for All Guests and Members' started by deer meat, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. I brew my own meads, beers, and ciders. Add a WSM to the mix and that, as they say, is that
  2. markusm

    markusm Fire Starter

    Interesting... I'd never even heard of meads until this post. I could have used your screen name as well, for a different reason; I have yet to smoke (or grill) anything without a cold one in my hand. lol
  3. Nice!

    1. First time I fired up the WSM I poured one of my homebrews over it. Wife kinda freaked, but I told I was "blessing" the smoker.

    2. Mead is fermented honey wine. Takes about 6 months for a good batch and makes great holiday gifts

    3. One has to have a cold on in hand when smoking...I think its a law in Texas
  4. My neighbors brother gave me the name Chef Throw Down he said every time he comes over I'm throwing down.
  5. Because that's all it takes to get a great meal started!!
  6. Long story made short my last name (Roy) in french means King When in the Marines I always carried a knife; hence the Stab. K-stab is short for King-stabber ( my call sign kinda of corny but it works
  7. 16carhauler

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    I was a New Car carhauler from 1975 to 2004 hauling new GM vehicles from the St. Louis area.
  8. mudslinger2

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    I did custom body and paint for twenty seven years and used a lot of body filler/mud, so I was named Mudslinger from some co- workers and the name stuck.
  9. I ride a Tennessee Walking Horse, so being twhman came naturally
  10. Phinicky here, goes back to 1972 when I saw my first NFL game at the age of 10 after being a Canadian football fan since as early as I could remember.

    Watching the 72 Dolphins win that superbowl, with an extra "down"  on as smaller field! Wow, great game so I am a Dolphins fan KittyCorner here across America , and then just up over the line up to Vancouver. 

    When the Seahawks moved the NFC, it made it easier to cheer for both, but always the Phins first!

    Oh yeah, and when it comes to food, I eat just about anything, but I am very Phinicky about the quality!

    There just ain't no resturaunt in the world that can produce the quality and creativity I get out of my smoker, or Grill!

    This web site is an Awesome source of information.

    Oh yeah, and this Sunday I will be wearing my other creative hat....


    Wilson !!

  11. bigworm882001

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    Mine was given to me by my brother. Have you ever seen the movie Friday? Well there you go. Except I'm not black and I don't smoke or deal weed.... He just started calling me big worm one day and now he calls me worm or perm. I like it so I go with it.
  12. rcolvinofd310

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    Mine is kind of like Blackhawks. My name and the ofd310 is Ocala fire department and 310 is my badge juggerNauts were I retired from.
  13. rcolvinofd310

    rcolvinofd310 Newbie

    Does anyone else hate auto fill. I type badge number and it put juggeRNauts. Go figure.
  14. Smoking meat is becoming a passion, and I am doing it here in England, where there is a growing interest.
  15. Couldn't think of a damn thing and this one just came to me.
  16. By the way, we're having burnt ends, pintos and corn bread with hatches chilies while we watch the Broncos beat the Seahawks
  17. Because I was so hard to find at Hide 'n Seek[​IMG]
  18. 2010ultra

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    well mine wasnt very orginal its because i ride an 2010 ultraclassic and i love her. 

  19. shortchange

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    Mine came from a lap dance I got from a stripper during my bachelor party at the boobie bar. I was sooo drunk I went back for one had two couldn't pay for the second on so the stripper and two bouncers came to my table and asked me to pay up and I couldn't so my buddy had to. The designated driver gave me the nickname and it stuck!
  20. smokin210

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    Don't really remember, was just excited about getting into the world of smoked meats it just came about. By the way, I am having the toughest time posting things. I have been smoking meat since November and I love it.

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