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  1. Im thinking some peppers and onion and maybe a tomato sauce with mushrooms served on egg noodles..
    Need to cook them a bit here now..

    I put on some SPOG and an extra bit of McCormick Montreal seasoning.
    Some nice marbeling.. thin fat cap on back side.
    Smoke N Grill is at 250. Going on with Cherry chunks atop of RO Ridge
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  2. Put them on the grate. Using a covered dry water pan under with jumbo heavy landscape brick in it.
    Bit of steam caused by moisture in the bottom of the ECB with ash residue. Hate that! Forgot to clean it all out..
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  3. c farmer

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    What are they?
  4. Some boneless short rib pieces. I edited the opening paragraph to show. My bad... got them $2.00 off lol just under 1.25 lbs
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  5. I think I will saute the peppers and onion along with the garlic and mushrooms (baby Bella) , and add the can of crushed tomato I'm not going to add a bunch of seasoning.. I do think I'm going to add dark brown sugar and some apple cider vinegar.. kind of get some sweet and tang going.. not to much.. then I'm going to add the meat in for 2 hours and have it all in the ECB to finish.
    I have some stew meat and a brisket point I can cook and add meat to it if I want.. this meat is not much what I'm doing now.. I can freeze some sauce too I guess..
    I always do noodles to order. Cook them by the portion I'm going to eat then..
  6. Little progress on my boneless short rib and veggies in tomato sauce on noodles dinner.. Lol
    Broke out the monster pan.. 14 inch for this job..
    Its going good so far.. meat is 2 hours now on the Smoke n Grill. At 245 chamber temp.

    Think I'm going to use some tomato paste with the crushed tomatoes.. then hit it with vinegar and dark brown sugar.. maybe some chili flakes.. Oh, and pad or 3 of butter 🤓
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  7. How much tomato paste?
    This much.
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  8. I'm thinking of going another direction in mid cook.. and using beef broth . Reducing it in the veggies and then adding crushed tomatoes.. 🤔
  9. So yeah.. I'm going with beef broth reduction before adding crushed tomatoes.. good call I think.. let veggies cook more too before adding beef .
    Entire can in to reduce.
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  10. So um... the beef broth reduced and I added the 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes..
    Some sugar.. the dark stuff.. not that health junk..
    Reduced and ready for meat.
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  11. Got the meat in mostly done.. probed nice and soft..
    Its on again.. 2 more hours should be ok..
    Nummy ..
    Seasoning adjustments.. all good
  12. So.. was a good trial. Nice beefy stuff.. good simple dinner.. Little tough. Little spice.. rounded out ok..
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  13. Ring a ding ding.. noodles and spice, it's all nice.. good cheap fixings.. sauce and food groups there for a nice Spice treat. Mushy room rooms.. great texture..
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  14. Looks good!

    I bet if you braised the meat in that sauce at 325-350F for an hour and a half after it would have been nice and tender.

    In any case everything else seemed spot on!
  15. Looks great, I could eat a mess of that, Braising should tender it up.

  16. Had it on the smoker about 2 hours after combining the sauce and meat.. just not long enough for fall apart meat. Good though.

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