Dumped the ECB 2 door before the wife dumps smokin

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  1. bkbuilds

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    I've had two terrible smokes trying to use my ECB 2 door. The wife says she'll give it one more try. So I ordered a wsm 18.5. I hope this will solve my temp issues.
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    You will pleasantly pleased with the Weber Smokey Mountain...Terrific smoker...You made a wise decision purchasing one!

    Good luck,  John
  3. bkbuilds

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    Ok... the wife is finally coming down from the sticker shock and letting me out of the dog house. Now I just need to cook a successful meal in it to get her on board. I told her I wanted to do some wings and a pizza and she said to let her know what nights I'm doing that so she can line something up for herself. =(
  4. bkbuilds

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    Well I went home last night to find that the box of the WSM had a hole in it and was crushed on one side. I opened it up and unboxed it piece by piece... I was shocked not to find damage on the center section. I thought I was in the clear when I got down to the bottom and all that was left was the lid. I found 3 small but noticeable dents in the lid.

    I called up Amazon, they wouldn't ship me another and let me just swap the lids, I would have to send the damaged unit back, then they would send me a new one. But instead the guy offered me an alternative which was $25 refund, I told him I would rather have a undented product since I bought it brand new.... So he started to process the return when I thought about it and I need to get this thing seasoned before my family comes to town next weekend so I can cook a boston butt on it. So I asked the guy if he could do a $50 refund instead. He said no, until I asked for his supervisor... then he says "Well, I can make a one time exception for you". So in the end my WSM cost $249

    I did get the '14 model with the temp prob grommet. That was the hardest part of assembly was getting that stupid rubber grommet in place!
  5. shoebe

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    I had the same problem with the grommet, but I got it in and it works great...enjoy
  6. If you had called Weber instead of Amazon they probably would have sent you a  new lid. My WSM (many years ago) arrived with about a one-inch chip in the porcelain of the bottom piece. They sent me a new bottom, free, and didn't even ask me to return the original.  About 5 years ago I bought a  22" kettle grill from a discount place (unclaimed freight or something like that) and I called Weber to ask about the best way to paint the lid where there were some chips out of the porcelain. I just wanted to find a high temperature paint that was a  good match for the green color. The customer service rep didn't think that was a good fix. "Let me send you a new lid," and that's  just what they did. Weber's customer service is unbelievable.
  7. bkbuilds

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    Thanks, maybe I'll try calling their support line anyways and see what they have to say... can't hurt right?
  8. I ordered 2 22.5's for work and both arrived damaged. I called customer service, they were easy to deal with and promptly sent out replacement parts. You'll love your WSM.
  9. bkbuilds

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    Nice!, I have to get the 2 letter code off the top damper at lunch time and snap a picture of the damage and they'll drop me a new lid in the mail. BOOM! =)

    Thank you for the heads up on how great their support is. The person was very friendly and no hassle, probably could have had one call resolution if I had been at my house when I made the call.
  10. bkbuilds

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    New lid is on the way!
  11. We  told you so. [​IMG]

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