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  1. Hello All,

    I am still very new to the site and a rookie at smoking.  I have a little experience smoking in gas grills with indirect heat and a Brinkman electric water smoker.  Just recently I have purchased a Cookshack Smokette 025 and hope to get a little bit more serious.

    So far I am very happy with the quality and results of the Smokette even though I have barely used it.  Since it is a shorter unit, one thing that I definitely would like to change is getting it off the ground so I don't have to bend down or sit on the floor to work with it.  Also it just drips all of the juices on my deck when I slide out a rack of meat.  I picked up a plastic tray which will hopefully help out.

    Cookshack sells a nice stainless steel cart for it which is around $400 I believe.  That would definitely help with getting it up higher, but I started look around and came up with the idea of getting a stainless steel table.  In particular I was looking at this one:

    I was thinking that I could bolt the smoker down on the left hand side of it and have the rest of it as a work area.  Living in Michigan it would be exposed to the elements so I expect the stainless would work well.  I currently cover the smoker and would plan to do the same and keep everything outside year round.

    Do you guys think this would be a good approach or do you have other ideas?  Thanks.

  2. It's better than spending $400 bucks for a cart.  I have the Smokin-It #2 (similar but bigger then the unit you have and I got the custom cart but it was only $160 bucks......I'd pass on the $400 one. 

    It is GREAT getting the unit is my set-up

    Makes smoking so much easier. 

  3. Thanks Scott.  I do like how that is up higher.  The side tables are probably also useful.
  4. Yeah I put my therm on the side table and also have a baking sheet I use to remove my rack to so it doesn't drip on the patio.  I put the rack on the sheet and carry it inside the house. 

    I hated having to bend $160 ever!!!

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    Just took a look at the table in the link.  Looks nice. But if you want to move it around, those wheels are going to cost you. But to answer your question,  you could bolt it to one side and use the remaining surface as work space.  I don't think you will have a balance problem, but it will be heavier on on end as well as top heavy  so rolling it around would require one to be cautious.

    Check out this cart at Amazon. Less expensive, comes with wheels. NSF certified for what that is worth. Amazon seems to have a variety of carts. 

    If you are handy with wood, check out this cart/stand built by GrandpaDoodie who owns a Smokin-it smoker: Cart.pdf

    Getting the smoker up to a comfortable working height just makes life better. 

    Good luck and happy smoking.

    And don't overlook joining the forums at Cookshack,and SI for tips and recipes.
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  6. Both of those look like a nice setup.  I might be crazy, but I think I would prefer a stationary setup.  Where I have the smoker located on my deck there are stairs to go down if I ever wanted to move.

    Right now when ever I close the door on the smoker I have to hold it so it don't move.  The casters slide on my deck very easily even while locked.
  7. Mine lock very well so no issues with movement.
  8. old sarge

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    Well, it is a personal choice. You need to get what suits you best and will work for you. Just avoid anything with a raised lip/edge as it would likely affect air flow to the base of your smoker.  

    As for dripping juices, I avoid that by using a jelly roll pan.  I just pull the rack or the meat out onto the pan and any juices that drip are caught on the pan and not the patio.
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