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  1. I am currently retired military (23 years active duty and 6 years Air National Guard) and for the last 15 years have been a computer programmer.  I live in Sioux Falls with my wife of 38 years and have a 25 year old son.  I have been smoking for about 4 years with a UDS that I am currently converting to a digital temp propane UDS.  My interests are hunting, ice fishing, snowmobiling, shooting, hobby farming and especially smoking.  I have been following this forum for some time and have been amazed at the knowledge and willingness of people to share information and ideas.  I am looking forward to interacting with the members of this forum.
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    Alright a fellow South dakotan - living in ft pierre now but grew up in Sioux falls. Been using a UDS for about a year now and have been very happy with it. Of course always hunting for the next upgrade. Started with the Weber kettle and the homemade smokenator. What kind of smokes have you been doing? Got the local rib fest out here tomorrow. Was going to cook in it but the buddy of mine that was going to do it got stuck out of town this weekend. Going to check it out and see how the results compare to mine. Smoking a chuck roast Sunday - my favorite.
  3. I smoke a lot of cheese using the AMNPS.  At work whenever I am going to do cheese I send out an email because it doesn't matter if your doing 1 lb or 15 lbs.  Just did a pork butt last week for a send off for someone retiring from out department.  Love to do ribs chicken, brisket, fish (white bass trimmed of all red meat is awesome).  I am currently modifying my UDS to propane using a PID with a pilot light powering a thermopile gas valve so it will work like a house thermostat only no power needed.  I will use the AMNPS to provide the smoke.  Previously I used a pid to control a fan to control the temperature.  It worked great unless you had to open the lid and then you just dumped in 55 gal of air and the temp would spike 50 - 80 degrees and take about 1/2 hour to stabilize.  

    What are your favorite smokes? 
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    Usually go back and forth between Chuck roasts and pork butts. Pulled beef is my favorite. Will usually use half the Chuck for pulled beef and half for burnt ends. We have the smoker going pretty much every wife will have me put a chicken on with whatever I'm making to use during the week. Been experimenting with my rubs alot lately trying to get the flavors where I want them. Seems like all the store bought ones are all sugar and I really don't like that for flavor.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Sounds like you have a lot to share.

  6. I am with you on the rubs.  Mine is fairly basic equal parts of chili powder, cumin, paprika, onion, garlic, coriander, pepper and 1.5 times salt.  If I want it a little hotter I substitute some Cayenne for some of the pepper.  I add a little brown sugar after the rub has been applied.  Isn't chicken salad made with smoked chicken at a whole different level?  I have never tried a chuck roast but it sounds great with the pulled/burnt ends combination.  I am interested in your procedure and rub because every year I trade my cousin hay for beef.  I get a whole heifer every year so the freezer is filled with chuck roasts.
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    Chuck roasts are basically the poor man's brisket. Similar meat / fat content. Cook um just like a pork butt. Wrap themnat the stall with a little beef broth and cook to 200-205. Ibstart checking for tender about 195. Been using a rub that's 1 part kosher salt, 1 part season salt, 1 part black pepper and about 1/4 part cayenne pepper. I found a chipaolte pepper mix from McCormick I really like that I have been adding 1 part to the mix. Really like how the bark ends up. A little kick and I don't have to add sugar to get it done.

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