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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by ffbanty, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Hey every1. im new here. had a question to pose on the smoker pro's hope you can help me. I make a a beercan chicken at least 3 times a month, has been a family favorite, chicken is always cleaned to the bone. i got to thinking and may be a stupid idea, but what do you guys or gals think about a beercan turkey?
  2. Hey ffbanty

    In all my experience a turkey is just a big chicken

    Good luck and enjoy

  3. tld

    tld Smoke Blower

    I'm going to try my 1st 1 next weekend. Found me a ceramic setter made for turkeys, has a nice wide base to help hold it up. Just add the beer and other ingredients. Probably smoke at a higher temp. Thinking around 300* to get it up to 140* before the magic 4 hr time. And I'll use apple chunks for the smoke.
  4. sumosmoke

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    Beercan turkey is a definite possibility. Depending on the size of the bird, cans of baked beans (empty of course) have been used in place of the can as the cavity on the turkey is a tad larger, and can accommodate the bigger diameter of a bean can.

    Smoke the turkey as you would the chicken! Hope to see some pics soon!
  5. Thanks guys, i was gonna try it anyway but i feel really comfortable now. I agree with ya smokingd really is just a big chicken.
    TLD if ya get a chance plz post back tell us how it turned out.
    sumosmoker you a smart man, i would have never thought of using a bake bean can, great idea. i'll get some pics up later tonight or tomorrow.
  6. Hey sumosmoke im sorry for calling ya a man, you are very smart though and thank you. i am full now after eating my own foot, lol.
  7. rivet

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    I say go for it! Thing is, you need a bigger can. Go get a Fosters Lager "oil can" drink it up and smoke that puppy![​IMG]
  8. sumosmoke

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    LOL - no worries ... I've been called worse [​IMG]
  9. daddio

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    go for it i've done several used those big cans of beer same rub as we do for our chickens and they turned out very good,next to a good fried turkey (operative word here ) good ... this is my favorite way to have turkey.
  10. WoW, I love this place. I actually wondered how dumb of an idea it was, im stoked now. It's gonna be beer can turkey for father's day!! Thanks every1. Can't wait to complete that and learn something else.

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