Bad Bryon's Butt Rub

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stickyfingers, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. stickyfingers

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    I have been using Butt Rub for about a year and although I like it, I have been finding it to be a tad too salty. Especially on smaller cuts like wings, thighs even ribs to some degree. Anyone else share this opinion or is it just me?
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    Many rubs carry excessive salt content, and the less salt the better for your health.  Plus, once reducing your salt intake, the more sensitive you become to it and the less needed to achieve the same satisfaction, right down to no-salt recipes.

    If you look on here (Search Bar) you can find several, plus google 'no salt rubs' for more!  You can promote a healthier lifestyle by reducing 3 things:  Salts, Sugars and Fats, which are entirely under your control!  And, with all three, when you gradually reduce them your taste buds change to the point where you don't miss them.  I reduced the fats in my sausages to 95% lean, and gag now on fattier sausages - love the smooth, dry flavors and it brings out the intensities in the spices!

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