Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Stuffed Shrimp on the BGE XL

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    A buddy of mine makes these shrimp on his kettle quite a bit, so I had to give them a try.

    Roasted 5 Jalepenos on the gas grill

    Sweated a little then peeled

    Took these and cut out the seeds, then sliced each one into 4 strips per jalapeno

    Had some wild caught raw shrimp, and put the jalapeno strip in the cleaned out back. Each one got a whole piece of bacon. These slippery shrimps were a little more difficult to wrap than and ABT

    I made a bigger Vortex for the BGE, had it loaded w/ Royal Oak

    Mad Hunky GP for seasoning

    On they go

    The Egg was running at 550+ with the intake 75% open, so I closed it to 1/3 open and it sat at 450 for the remainder

    While they cooked, I wanted to see how the centralized heat affected the belly and lid of the ceramic. Here's the temp the belly held at. Cool to touch

    Lid. This krept up to 200 as the ceramic continued taking on heat

    I didnt use any additional smoke for these. Still took on a nice color

    Crisped up

    These were going to be for dinner, but ended up just being snacked between a few people till gone
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    TD, afternoon....  Those look AWESOME !!!!  nice job....    I should have been in AZ......    Missed some great eats......

  3. Such beautiful photos!!!! Here's to your "edible art!!!!" Cheers!!!!! - Leah

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