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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by dysartsmoker, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Just picked one up yesterday at wally world for $70 any one else have one of these not sure on how to start to use it
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    Sorry, I cannot help you on this one. But there are others in the forum that can.
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    I just got a hold of one of these too and was going to post the same thing. Mine is used and I think it's missing some parts...I only have one grate and one bowl in the bottom. I have the stand, the burner, mid section, and the top w/thermometer. Anything else I should be looking for? Sorry for thread jacking...

  4. Mine came with top and bottom grate a wood/charcoal pan and a water pan. I seasoned it last night but the chips burn very quick might have to use bigger wood chunks in this unit.
  5. I have the MBuilt 7-in 1 electric that I modified to gas using an Afterburner. Got it as a gift some years back. I think it was purchased at Gander Mountain. I don't have any complaints thus far (after switching to gas), but then again, the only thingI have to compare it to is that junk electric element that came with it.

    Manual for that unit can be found here

    Parts can be ordered from Masterbuilt at 1-800-489-1581

    My process for converting the electric to gas can be found here
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    I have the MB 7 in 1 which runs on charcoal and gas if need be. Not clear which one you have, this one or the electric which I'm not familiar with.

    If it's this one, I can help, just let me know what specific questions/problems you are having.
  7. When I seasoned it around 200 F the wood chips I used burnt very fast thus producing thick white smoke should I be using bigger chunks. And yes it is like yours but not stainless.

    Thanks Jack
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    This is the one I have as well (again, not stainless). I am missing a grate and the water bowl. I also want to pick up a turkey fryer pot for it. Are there any mods to help maintain temp.? Do you (personally) use gas to smoke or charcoal? I bought a pizza plate from Lowes today that fits perfectly over the 'fire bowl' to use as a charcoal grate/basket to help with air flow but am sure where to put a water bowl as I think it would interfere with the lower cooking grate. Any ideas/suggestions would be of help on my part at least. Thanks for the suggestions etc. that everyone has provided thus far.

    Dysartsmoker: Thanks again for creating this post.
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    A couple of things. Get some heavy duty foil so you can line the water pan, makes it easier to clean up.

    At that temp, it's odd that your wood is burning that fast. I usually always use charcoal and use the gas for an assist in the colder months.

    I also always soak my wood in water for at least a half an hour before I smoke. That's another debate in and of itself. I also use chunks more so than chips. If you're getting that much white smoke, you might be using too much wood/chips. It's easy to use too much. As long as you can smell the smoke, it's enough. Getting the TBS is the best obviously. So, a small handfull of chips or a couple of chunks is sufficent in my experience. Restock as needed.

    Also, take the thermometer out of the hood. It unscrews with a wingnut underneath. Do the boiling water test on it to make sure it's accurate. I just make a mod to mine and drilled a hole at the top grate level and put in another tested therm.

    I have never done a solo "gas" smoke which means I always put the chunks on top of charcoal. So, your wood may be burning too fast if it's in the charcoal pan by itself and you're strictly using gas. If that's the case, perhaps you could do a charcoal burn, leave the ashes in and then place the wood on top if you want to go just gas. That would probably help.
  10. Thanks for the input.
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    Sounds like a good idea without a water pan. The water pan fits fine with the lower grate, not a problem. Remember, with a vertical like these, the temps are always higher at the top so your lower rack will smoke a bit slower at a lower temp just as an FYI.

    The other trick I learned comes from Flash. I try and smoke as much as I can in the winter but it can get pretty cold. So, line the water pan with heavy duty foil. Go to Home Depot and get a bag of play ground sand and use that in place of water in the winter. You can keep temps as it acts just like water, regulates temps. Also, put some foil over the top of the sand so that it catches any dripping so you can use the sand again.

    You can also get a welders blanket to use in cold and or windy conditions to keep temps, etc.:
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  13. I also line my water pan with foil (only took 1 time of cleaning it to learn that lesson). As for the chips burning too fast, I use chunks and put them in an asparagus can and then cover the open end with foil and pop a hole in the foil and then put it on my gas burner (the Afterburner has some ridges to hold the can). I've only smoked in it once since converting it, but I can verify that the rack directly above the water pan does stay slightly cooler than the top rack. The only problem I see with it is that the seal between the 3 pieces (base, middle, lid) isn't all that great so I get a lot of smoke coming out between the layers, not sure how to fix that though.

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