One more "Mail Box Mod" for the AMNPS and the MES30 ...NEW PICTURES FOR ATTACHING ELBOW TO MAILBOX

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  1. what is the best tool to cut the hole in the back of the mail box? and does anyone have a link to the best maill box to use from Lowes or HD?
  2. daveomak

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    Blue, afternoon.....   I drilled a starter hole and used airplane/aviation snips to cut it out....   first, draw the outline of the elbow in pencil to start....   Any painted mailbox or tool box that the AMNPS fits in will work.....   even an old lunch bucket would be cool.....  Dave
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  3. If you have a good hole saw set that's what I would use. Not sure about the mailbox - sorry - I am using a throw away roaster pan...

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  4. So I got my mailbox setup and it works great! Used it for a few hot smokes with great results. I want to smoke some cheese but I have a question. When cold smoking, is the color of the smoke generally different? I ran a test smoke with a MES cold and the AMZNPS in the mailbox and the smoke is white... Not the TBS that I am seeing with a hot smoke. Just curious, didn't want to ruin my cheese on the first cold smoke.
  5. daveomak

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    How many vent holes in the mailbox ???  What may be happening, the warm MES is causing an increased convection draft.... Turn the heat on for a bit in the MES so it will warm and start a draft...   When it gets to 80 ish, turn it off.... the increased draft should continue, diluting the smoke to TBS.....   That is the first thought that came to mind.... If it is really cold where you are at, higher elevation, place the AMNPS inside the smoker.... the heat it generates will increase the draft....  Remember to keep the exhaust vent wide open....    Let us know what you found out....     

  6. Love the mods! The only mod I have ever done was to use the felt from the big green egg to help seal off my charcoal brinkman because there was too much smoke seeping out. Then I swapped the coal bowl for a bbq bowl so air could get to it. SMoking bacon, canadian bacon and chicken this weekend! Love getting all the tips!
  7. brucem609

    brucem609 Fire Starter

    What do you use to get the chips started in the mailbox? And what do you use to keep them going?
    Mod-where did you get that little smoker box?
  8. daveomak

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    bruce..... that is the Amazin Smoker.... T Johnson, on this forum, designed and builds them.... You use a torch to light the fuel and it smolders once you blow out the flames.... It is the best thing since sliced bread for adding smoke to your smoker.....

    Click the link below...   Dave

  9. brucem609

    brucem609 Fire Starter

    Dave, just ordered one! Getting ready for Daytona 500. Have to make sure I am ready to go, smoke generator CHECK, pellets, have to get, and have to order in my meat- butt, baby backs, brisket, wings.... In will be a Barmyard Feast!
  10. gotbags-10

    gotbags-10 Smoke Blower

    Could you attach the mailbox directly to the side of your smoker Instead of it laying on the ground with the flex pipe going up to the smoker? Then cut a hole going through the mailbox into the smoker? Just wondering about too much heat coming back into the mailbox since it would be so close or would the draft keep that from happening?
  11. Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. I didn't drill any holes in the front. I wasn't sure if I would need vent holes or not. After posting, I did try running it with the front cover slightly open and I got better results. I'm pretty sure it is an airflow issue like you said. When the mes is hot it does a really good job of sucking the smoke out. But as it cools off, it looks like I really do need a bit more air flow. I will add a few vent holes on the front.
  12. daveomak

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    Start with 1--- 3/4" hole...  I have to plug mine.... too much air flow at times...      Dave
  13. I have a question regarding the mail box mod.

    How important is the diameter size of the pipe going from the mail box to the smoke chamber?

    I have an old army ammo can that measures 7" H x 5.5" W X 11"  and my amps pellet smoker fist fine inside of it. I would like to use this for my smoker mod.

    My thought would be to lay the ammo box on its side, so the lid actally swings open like a door, and then put my smoke tube out the top and into my smoker.

    does this sound warkable?

    Thanks Rich
  14. sorry for the question, I didn't read far enough in the threads.

  15. bearcarver

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    Pretty cool mod.[​IMG]

    My Amazings work awesome in my MES 40.[​IMG]

    And my mailbox works real good along the road.

  16. daveomak

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    Rich, Afternoon....   Hey, that sounds good to me....   The diameter of the pipe is fairly important due to loss of flow due to friction on the side wall of the pipe...  I used 3" flex  pipe and elbows because it fits perfectly in the MES 30 and no mods were needed to the MES.....  I don't think Pops will mind if you use an ammo can... You can start a new fad....  You might be able to go from the can to the MES using just a flex elbow ??     Take pics so we can see it.....   Dave
  17. Good Evening Dave. Well I said to heck with the ammo can and went out to my local HW store and bought a steel mailbox, some 3" elbos and some 3" flex duct. and did a mailbox mod for my Brinkman, Tomorrow I will cut the hole in the side of my food warmer, converted to meat smoker and install a 3" elbow in it as well. My intentions are to switch my mailbox to which ever smoker I am going to use for each project.

    last pic is test burn on work bench. I guess I haven't mastered the art of posting pictures in the order that I want them, Hope you can make heads or tails of these. Rich

  18. tomolu5

    tomolu5 Meat Mopper

    Here's mine, just did it the other day, the only way to fly with an amnps. I used a grinder to cut the air intake at the same level as the Amnps, so the air will draw right across the embers, helping to keep it lit[​IMG]

    Many thanks Jeff

  19. Here is my mailbox mod to my food warmer converted to meat smoker. There is TBS coming out the top but the photo doesn't show it. Thanks to Pops for such a great idea. Please don't be fooled because it is inside a building, That fan right above the smoker sucks 400 cubic feet of air per minute and my top vent for the smoker is right behind where you see the remote thermometer,


  20. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Pretty nice Rich.....  How does the burner work for you ??  I sure like the smoker box...  Dave

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