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    Hey guys just looking for some info here. I currently have a MES 30, but I can't get the smoke flavor or ring when I smoke ribs. My goal is to eventually get into competition smoking. So I'm wondering if those of you who have the Yoder pellet smokers, can you get that amazing smoke taste into the meat, and that pretty pink color meat even if you foil your ribs? Thanks for any info in advance guys.
  2. Yes you can, I start my ribs for the first hour at 190, the lower temp allows the 640 to make more smoke.
  3. I have a 6" and 12" AMNTS. I use the 6" for ribs, setting my YS640 controller to 250* and get some nice smoke from it. For larger cuts like a brisket or pork butts I use the 12" one. With the AMNTS I don't have to bother setting the controller at a lower temp and then forgetting to raise it. The 6" burns for about 2 hours and the 12" about 4 hours.
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    You can't get a smoke ring from an electric smoker under normal circumstances. Smoke rings come from the meat contacting large amount of Nitrogen Dioxide. Nitrogen Dioxide is only generated by the burning of fuel like wood or propane. Some guys have had marginal success using an AMNPS to make smoke and 1-2 Charcoal Briquettes making Nitrogen Dioxide in the chip drawer. Smoke Rings have little to do with flavor and only show large amounts of wood are used to make heat and smoke. BTW, you can fake a smoke ring by soaking the meat in a brine with Cure #1 for 1-2 hours before putting the meat in the MES....JJ
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  5. This was cooked on my Yoder 640, no smoke tube was used.
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    Well I like what I see so far... I guess my question is, is this a competition quality smoker? I mean with the competition cart that is. Or would it be necessary to go to a bigger Yoder smoker, or a smoking trailer? Thanks guys
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    I'm just a backyard cook myself and don't do comps...but lots of teams cook on YS 640's in comps.  Now, if it were your only smoker, it might be a challenge to enter multiple meats with just the 640 because of limited capacity.  My guess is there are more competition pellet cooks out there who either use multiple pits at a comp, or who have a larger primary pit (like the YS 1500).


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