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  1. After a few posts, a few hints of advice and some research here on the forum and other places. I go the mods for my vertical water smoker complete, Just need my thermometer and I would be good to go.  I smoked for the first time since some minor modifications  and man did that sucker get hot. Usually I am only used to getting at abot 150 degrees at the most through out the entire smoke. Within 45 minutes of putting my meat in there that sucker was up to 400 degrees. Holy cow not quite what I wanted but atleast this way I found out that with what I did the temperture was able to rise to a desired cooking temperature. Now if I only had the wireless thermometer to regulate the temp.

    Now another question I normally use wood chunks on top of the charcoal, I do not soak them. I was recomeneded to me to soak them for like 12 hours and then wrap them in foil and poke holes in the foil.  this would keep the wood from burning so quickly.  I think a good soak would be good and maybe not leaving the air wide open.  any suggestions on that?
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    Soaking the wood just delays the smoldering process, and the smoke generation is best right at the start of the smoking cycle as it permeates the fibers and membranes of the meat best.  Once the meat has cooked long enough the smoke won't penetrate; many will add smoking wood only to the first half of the total smoke time.

    if your coals are too hot that will make your wood burst into flames instead of smoldering and burn up your wood quickly.  Control your temps and bring them up consistently to 225° and hold there, get your wood smoldering instead of burning and that will slow down your wood consumption.
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