Where to get heirloom seeds to grow paprika peppers?

Discussion in 'Herbs' started by countryboy19, Apr 21, 2010.

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    I've recently got the bug to start making my own paprika. I think the peppers will grow just fine in my area, and the rest of the processing isn't a problem. But I can't seem to find a good source that covers a lot of heirloom paprika seeds. I was wanting to try out a few different varieties, but it seems that you can only find them 1 here and 1 there etc. The only place that carried several was live plants, not seeds.
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    Just google'd it, there are a ton of places that you can order them from.
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    That have more than one variety? Because I googled it and couldn't find any. Most of them had 1 or 2 varieties, and not all heirloom.
  4. I grow these:

    Alma Paprika
    Boldog Hungarian Spice
    Giant Szegedi (starts out WHITE then ripens thru orange to red)
    NuMex Joe E. Parker
    NuMex Eclipse (brown)
    NuMex Sunset (orange)
    Pasilla Bajio (brown)
    Feherozon Sweet

    Many I bought, some I traded heirloom tomato seeds for them.

    I let them dry or I SMOKE THEM UNTIL DRY then grind them in a coffee bean grinder and use as my rub base.


    Here are some descriptions, you can CLICK on the NAMES to see pics:


    While peppers CAN cross pollinate, the ones I listed above are all open pollinated (OP) so you can save seeds and keep growing every year, unlike F1 Hybrids. If by chance they get crossed, you will get something different the next time you plant the saved seeds. If the flowers DON'T get cross pollinated, then seeds from the new peppers should produce the same next season.

    Hope this helps!
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    Do you mind sharing where you bought them from? Thats the main problem I'm having right now.

    I can only find 1 or 2 varieties at each place. By the time I buy seeds from 3 different sources to get what I want, I will have over $20 in seeds, and I may as well just buy the darn paprika then. I really just want 2 or 3 good Hungarian style varieties. If you have extra seeds for some of yours I'd be willing to fairly compensate you for them.
  6. If you are looking to grow them this year, you may need to find plants instead of seeds. I'm in zone 6, IN should be similar, which means it's pretty late to start seeds now. I start them in mid-March for a Memorial Day weekend (or later) planting.

    I will have fresh seed of most of those I listed later this year if you can wait. Many of my pepper varieties the seed stock is older, some 3-5 years old, so your success may not be that great and wouldn't want you to try starting those seeds and waiting a week or two to find out that the germination may be just poor to fair and lose all that time. I have over 100 pepper varieties and over 500 tomato varieties and I have to regularly rotate what I'm growing each year to keep the seed supply up to date.

    If you'd be interested in plants, I have a friend from some tomato forums that has a greenhouse in AL that ships live plants. He has both Alma Paprika and Hungarian Paprika listed this year.


    Shipping plants isn't very cheap but if you order enough you get a lower per plant cost.

    Shipping/mailing seeds requires bubble pack mailers to be safe they don't get crushed in the post office. Tomato seeds aren't as fragile. I don't think I have any bubble mailers left. If you still can't find any of these varieties anywhere, if you want to take a chance on my older seeds, you can send me a bubble mailer with postage inside to stick back on the envelope to mail it back.

    Another place that sells plants and has a large selection is chileplants.com. I did a search for paprika and here are the results:


    They sell at least 5 or 6 of the ones I listed, including Alma Paprika, Boldog Hungarian Spice, Feherozon, Antohi Romanian, Joe E. Parker, Giant Szegedi, etc. You must order 12 or more plants but can mix & match between varieties as well as tomatoes & eggplants too. Shipping to IN is $10 for 12.

    I bought mine in various places over the last 10 years, so know what you mean about shipping costs adding up! Another place to check for seeds is http://www.chilepepperinstitute.org/cart/seeds/

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the reply Tender_loins.

    I agree that it is likely a little too late for this year as well. But I would definitely be interested in some seeds if you have some to spare after the harvest this year. Just keep me updated and I would be happy to send postage.

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