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Discussion in 'Peppers' started by rabbithutch, Mar 28, 2015.

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    I've just gotten back into gardening on a very small scale. I have a 2'x7' table top soil-less mix(a la Bartholomew's Square Foot Gardening) herb garden and 3 table tops for other planting. One of the beds is 4'x8' and two are 4'x4'. I missed getting any winter plants in and it's getting late for early summer stuff; but I'm determined to have something to harvest this year.

    Last year, a neighbor - who has since moved away - grew a bunch of different peppers. He is married to a lady of Japanese descent and growing the peppers was a way of showing respect for his mother-in-law. I never did find out what varieties of peppers he planted. Can anyone suggest what varieties they might have been? I don't have any pics. The pods when grown were just over an inch - maybe and inch and a half long - and were green and waxy looking. Of course they dried to a dark red color.

    I'm in central Texas where the summers are hot if that matters as to varieties. I'd really appreciate your suggestions.
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    More than likely the plants sold locally will do well for you.  Jalapenos, Tabasco and cayenne are a few that I have grown in Dallas.  This year I am going to try the Fresno, a blurb I read said it is well suite to hot dry environments.

    As to the Japanese variety, the only one I know of would be the dried ones sold in the Mexican foods section labeled Chile Japones.  

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    Thanks for the info! Thumbs Up
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    I'd try some Thai Bird chilis if you can find any...in that Texas heat they should do real well....

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