What to do with extra Meat???

Discussion in 'Pork' started by kew_el_steve, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. kew_el_steve

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    I have a general question for you'all (getting into this southern thing). When I trim the big spare ribs before que, I get a lot of extra meat that's boneless. I trim it up nice and put it in the deepfreeze in foodsaver bags. I took it out, seasoned it with 2 tbsp of Sausagemaker Italian seasoning per pound. It makes great sausage patties on the grill. Can I say grill here??? Yesterday I made a variation of Jeff's meatloaf except 1) half cow and half ground rib (1/4" plate in the grinder), 2) no milk, and 3) couple ribs of celery to give some crunch. Sorry, no pix because my Pat's were on the tube. Some of the best 'loaf I've ever had. Assertive, but great.

    So here's the question: what do you'all do with your extra spares trimmings???
  2. flash

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    You have leftovers [​IMG]

    Sometimes we will throw some rib meat into Dutch's Bake Beans. Otherwise, Scooter demands his share of any ribs on the table.
  3. kew_el_steve

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    Not really leftovers, because this is the raw trimmings. I keep some strips to smoke and freeze for Dutch's beans, but that leaves about 5 lbs of raw to do something with. 50/50 in 'loaf (smoked of course) is all my beer-soaked brain can think of right now. Ideas, please...
  4. wvsmokeman

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    I smoke the trimmed skirt meat the same as the ribs. It gets done a lot quicker and I'm always snacking on it during the days smoke. Great stuff.
  5. jamesb

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    I usually cook the trimmings along with everything else. Any leftovers get vac packed and froze for the bean pot, greens or really anywhere you would normally use a ham hock.

    Now, I have asked Santa for a grinder and a stuffer for Christmas if the budget allows so I really like the idea of grinding it into sausage!

  6. flyboys

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    I do the same thing as WVSmokeman and whatever is left after picking at it all day, I'll remove the bones and the kids eat it. It works out perfectly for me because the younger ones won't eat it off the bone. As previously said, tastes great in baked beans too!!
  7. deejaydebi

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    I save up alot of my trimmings for making sausage. Sometimes all use them for hash or snacking or chilli, or stews etc.
  8. crownovercoke

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    I either save it to grind up later or smoke it in foil tray and throw in the old bean pot. Not much else you can do with it. NOT gonna just leave it out.
  9. hawgheaven

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    I smoke mine along with the ribs, then remove all bone and cartilage, chop it up then freeze it for later installation into beans, chili, spaghetti sauce, etc...
  10. fatback joe

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    I grind it, cook it, or use it to make pork broth.

    Simmer the pork with onions and celery (add other stuff, carrots for example if you want, but most of what I read says no seasonings at this time), and let the water reduce, I usually have it reducing for a few hours while the ribs are cooking.......not like I can really go anywhere during that time anyhow since the ribs are cooking. When it has reduced by 1/2 or so (when you do this a few times you get feel for when the liquid "looks right") strain it and save for later use. Some people will defat the liquid.......I don't cuz I happen to like the fat in there. Fat = Flavor. If I don't plan on using it all soon, I pour the broth into ice cube containers and freeze. Got some nice pork broth cubes then, just bag them up and keep in the freezer until needed. In my trays, one cup = 8 cubes.........so when I need a cup of broth, I pull out 8 cubes and am good to go.

    Use that pork broth to make gravy sometime and you will never make it any other way. OMG talk about good gravy. [​IMG]

    I do the same thing with the chicken carcass, and beef bones.........make broth, pour into cubes, and don't have to buy the salt water they pass off in the stores.
  11. fatback joe

    fatback joe Master of the Pit OTBS Member

  12. redbrinkman1955

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    I smoke mine with the ribs and eat as you go nice treat for the long smokes
    Good Luck and Good smoking

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