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  1. I always do a butt and fry a bird at thanksgiving. But Christmas is all about the barbecued turkey. This is a 13# bird. All I do is cover it in squirt butter, salt and pepper. Using the weber kettle today and this is the first time I've ever used the Johnny Cash setup (ring of fire) and it is a game changer! Got some apple and pecan chunks, kingsford charcoal. Put it on almost four hours ago, it's been holding steady around 240-250, haven't added a lick of charcoal to it. I periodically baste with my own vinegar pepper sauce (SOUTH Carolina) and when she's done I'll finish it with more sauce. It's a thin sauce but it's got some sugars in it and it goes great with turkeys. And pork. Hell, and grits and mac and cheese too! Here's some Q-View, I'll update later when it's done. Merry Christmas everyone.
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    Tasty looking bird!

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  3. Thanks! I only do a turkey like this typically only once a year at Christmas. So even though I've been doing them for years, I still haven't done a lot of them. This is my first one on charcoal on the kettle. Doing this one for the inlaws and will do another tomorrow for my family. Mom picked up a 20# bird! I don't like doing birds that big and it's way more than we need. So I'm definitely going to spatchcock the big one tomorrow!
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    Oh man! You're making me hungry with all of this talk of grits and Mac and cheese! Good looking bird!
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  5. Getting close. Might have to finish her up in the oven to make travel plans. She's looking tasty!
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    SCV - The turkey looks amazing and the ring of fire is epic!

    Please share your vinegar pepper sauce (SOUTH Carolina) recipie.


  7. [quote name="dirtsailor2003" url="/t/239631/vinegar-pepper-smoked-turkey#post_1502185
    When I get a chance to glance at my books I'll give you my base vinegar pepper sauce that I created mine from. It's a real good solid base VP sauce and I cut some of the acidity with a lot of brown sugar and throw in about a cup of white sugar at the end. But it's just barely sweet. I'll get it to ya soon!

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    That is a beautiful turkey!

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