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  1. Hey smokers :)

    up till now, I've been burning lumpwood charcoal as a heat source in my 18 inch wsm, and adding chunks of wood for smoke flavour, but I would like to try using wood instead of charcoal. Has anyone else tried this and was it a success?

    I read a thread last night by SoFlaQuer(I think) who is pre burning the wood in a separate unit, and then shovelling the hot burning lumps of wood into the smoker after any resins and creosote have burned off, to use for heat and flavour.

    Any help, tips or pointers appreciated!

  2. I have never done this so I may be talking out of school but if you are using seasoned wood I wouldn't think you would need to do that.
  3. ...with considerable effort and inconvenience. Wood must be burned down to hot coals in a separate container, then shoveled into the WSM, and this process must be repeated several times during the course of cooking. Most people who try this once don't try it again.
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    Hey you could just make your own charcoal. There are tons of video's on Youtube about how to do it in paint can's, trash cans, etc.... I have done this before when everybody in the dang county was out of Kingsford.

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