This is how we roll in the frost zone!

Discussion in 'Small Spaces' started by dirtsailor2003, May 28, 2014.

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    Well finally getting things in the ground. Freeze advisory the next two nights so I had to get in high gear and finish the hoop house. This year we built the garden fence to keep our dogs out. I decided that we could build a simple hoop house enclosure to help out with covering the plants every night.

    We have to use these walls of water to get our plants like tomatose and peppers out of the ground.

    I use electrical conduit as I have found that it holds up better than irrigation pvc. The 2x4 at the top has holes drilled to receive the end of the conduit. At the fence they are connected with a u shaped clamp.

    There it is all hooped up! I attach the plastic at the top with staples. At the bottom it is attached to three chunks of conduit cut to length to act as a roller. When I want it up I just grab the conduit and roll. The plastic wraps around the conduit.

    All rollled up!

    Shot of the interior. You can see the roller conduit sitting along the rail. The plastic below is just scrap that I stapled to the fence. Both ends of the house are capped with black plastic, as is the fence at the back.
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    Nice build!

    I used to watch a property that had a hoop house made of conduit and plastic, the wind eventually tore the plastic apart and the conduit was laying as junk. Mr. I Love a Tube Cutter here made a few wind chimes from the straight pieces. Funny thing is, no matter what length I cut them to, they always chime in minor notes, must be something about the texture of the steel.
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    Very cool setup Case!  

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    Nice set-up Dirt.....
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    Yep this is the third hoop set up we've had, first at this house. Usually get 2-3 years out of the plastic cover and have never had a hoop break. Of course all of them have been in protected areas.
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    Terrific looking protection. I have to put my tomatoes and peppers out in Kozy Coats (same as Wall o Water but red). However, I will be harvesting spinach soon and the lettuce not after. They don't mind a light frost.

  8. Nice setup Case!

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