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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jminrod, Feb 28, 2016.

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    I bought a used 40" Electric Landmann off of craigslist, almost brand new $150. After reading some reviews it wasn't the best thing to buy. Anyway I also seen a post on here about the maverick. I bought one that I thought was a Maverick that was mentioned in the post with the package deal and the 6" tube with the pellets. It ended up being  a remington.

    The last two times I have smoked the temps between the smoker read out and the Remington have been almost 10 degrees at points but usually 5-7. I stuck with the remington until yesterday when it cut out two times at less than 40 feet. For now I am going to have to lean towards the higher temps just to make sure things are done. The remington smoker temp was reading well over 300 Degrees nothing was touching metal and my smoker only goes up to 275 degrees. I am smoking turkey and pork loin today but will have to lean towards dry and safe as compared to exact degrees.

    What I am worried about was the website said it was going to be the Remington ET-732. I don't see any numbers but wanted to know if anyone else had these and if you would trust over the built in one. The tube smoker is awesome, especially for cold smoking
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    Have you checked the Remington in boiling water, & ice water. I'm sure it's way more accurate than the smoker therm.

    It looks like a Maverick clone. If you have an MES the chances are the temp controller is way off. I would go by what the Remington says, unless the water & ice test don't come up right. It should read 212-213 in boiling water and 32-33 in ice water.

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    Thanks Al I will definitely have to try that out to make sure. I pulled the turkey @163 going by the Remington and the neighbors were coming over to see what all the oh my godding was about. It was perfect. I don't think I will cook another turkey or chicken without brining again.
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    I see that the Remington is made by Maverick, so it can't be all bad.

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