Summer sausage in New elect. UDS (Water Pressure tank.)

Discussion in 'Cheese' started by exhaustedspark, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Could not wait as i needed my meat fix.

    The smoker is not done but it does work great and the meat dont know its not done.



    Yea i know. Paint the darn thing.

    5 hrs and viola

    I am realy happy with this unit.


    I let hang for 2 hrs and then stuck in fridge.

    Next day.


    Man it tast great.  The shakes are gone.

    Happy smoken

  2. HAAHAHAHAH, like you said the meat doesn't know it's not done!  Looks like a great job, any info on what kind of sausage you made?
  3. Paint doesn't make it work better. The meat fix comes first. I see you got your pics to load. The SS looks great.
  4. It is a hi-mtn ss mix.

    These mixes are kinda bland by my taste so i always follow there direction for the mix and the cure but then i added 4 pcs of habenaro pepper(They were cut in half when i dried them) and a bulb of garlic and a cup of dried onions and tbl spoon of black pepper.

    I think it turns out great.

    The Habenaro realy gives it an attitude.


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