Smoking boneless chicken breast

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    I just bought a Madterbuit electric smoker. I need a ball park time for smoking. I read anywhere from 90 mins. To 6 hours. The book that came with the unit says 225 for 6 hours. That gota be a mistake....right?
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    No chicken will take 6 hours. Even whole ones. Take it to an internal of 160º. I would lay some bacon down on it if you have no skin on it. That 90 minutes at 225 should be more accurate.
  3. Is it right to say that 'Smoking' and 'Cooking' are two different subjects?  

    Where some guys will smoke for 40 hours, but do not cook the meat, such as bacon and some guys will cook the meat  for 3 hours and also  use smoke to flavour it.

    I guess the smokeing is purely a flavour additive and cooking is the process of raising the temperature?  

    So it would be a calculation of how long it would take the food to get the desired 'smoked flavour and how long it would take to get the meat to our desired 'cooked' temperature, and hope that the two sets of figures matched?  

    Apologies if this reads oddly, but sometimes my brain knows what it wants to say, but my mouth has other ideas and which is further distorted by my fingers.


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