Smoked chicken salad and emenadas! First attempt Pics

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by marrey25, Nov 3, 2014.

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    So I woke up Sunday psyched for some football but with am itch to fire up the smoker. I wanted to sleep in so I woke up too late to throw a brisket in there. I had a hankering for some poultry anyways so I ran to the store and grabbed 2 whole chickens. I came home fired up the smoker(offset smoker) and made a super simple quick rub for them. I didn't brine, marinade, or inject them prior to throwing them in. I cooked(oak wood) them at 250° for about 4 hours. Two hours uncovered and 2 hours covered, with a 30 minute rest period. I have to tell you these chickens were the most juicy chickens I have probably ever had, definitely that I had made. I wad a little nervous since I didn't use a brine or inject prior but none was needed. My wife said we should make a chicken salad with one of them so I started shredding it. I had seen an episode of DDD of someone making empenadas which sounded good so I decided to use some of them shredded chicken for some homemade smoked chicken empenadas. These are the results
    The chicken salad had the perfect amount of smoke taste to it. Like no other chicken salad I have ever tried. Sorry the pics aren't great I'm no photographer. Let me know what you guys think. Our any tips.
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    Looks like a Tasty Smoke! There is no need to inject or brine to get juicy oust meat when smoking poultry.
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    I agree , no need for the brining , cook to temp.(165*F) and do what you want with it...

    I like the way your bird looked and the salad will be marvelous...

    have fun and show us the finished product...[​IMG]

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