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  1. Hey Guys,

    Super new to smoking - only 1 weekend under my belt.

    I've done 2 racks of ribs and 2 whole chickens (made 2 because I love cold chicken)

    The chickens were very tame and mild smokey flavor when we ate them hot (was disappointed to say the least), however, when I got into the chicken leftovers - the smoke flavor was bursting out of the meat.

    My neighbors in the office could all smell the smoked meat and went looking to search it out.

    The ribs on the other hand maintained their smokey flavor and remained consistent from off the grill to the leftovers.

    Can you guys share your experiences with different meats and how the smoke profile may change over time?
  2. Not sure why you noticed it more on the ribs the first day, but I can say from my personal experience stuff tastes better to me the next day. Being in the smoke all day deadening the senses to the smoke taste.
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    Smoke is made up of gases, esters, particulate matter and a bunch of other stuff. Everything is pretty much laying on the surface like spices. Just like seasoning you rub on, all these flavors are fat and/or water soluble. Given time they bloom, meld, spead, penetrate and become more volatile as big particles become smaller. So big changes are taking place with that meat and it develops more flavor and aroma. As JeepDriver points out, smoke and cooking smells stick in your nasal passages and you become Nose Blind. 12-24 hours later you are having a whole new experience.Think Thanksgiving. Great smells all day, Dinner taste good but those Hot Turkey Sandwiches a day or two later are Magical!...JJ
  4. That is what I was thinking - that I was just accustomed to the smoke smell and didn't get the same taste early on and much like a good soup - always better on day 2.

    Maybe the chicken was just a little more enhanced because it had more moisture to draw more of the smoke through the meat...

    either way... awesome!
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    I also find that the type of wood makes a difference in how aromas and flavors change in leftovers. Fruit wood like cherry or Apple seem to "bloom" overnight and I find that hickory mellows a bit. Although, nose blindness send legit too.

    Just my .02

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