slab of ribs and some chicken with q-view

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    I was super proud of myself with this smoke. With every smoke I do I feel I'm getting better and better and the wife is loving the food more and more. She's pregnant and harder to please lately. These ribs I did were by far the best I ever smoked and ever eaten. I made primarily sweet rub with a little cayenne pepper. I did the 3-2-1 method @ 225°. In the foil I did Brown sugar and butter. After the 1 hour smoke I threw the slab on the grill just to put a finishing sauce on it. I made a jalapeno bbq sauce and added pork drippings to make my finishing sauce. I let the slab rest in a cooler with foil and a towel wrap. The flavor and texture was just perfect. I also brined some chicken quarters and a few breasts. The chicken was rubbed with an herb rub I made. Two of the breasts I wrapped with bacon. The wife made some homemade Mac and cheese and I sauted some balsamic vinegar and soy sauce green beans. This meal was amazing and was glad to share with a couple good friends.
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    Looks great, man!

    You SHOULD be proud.
  3. Great Job,  Wow the color is perfect    [​IMG]

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    Yes, be proud , that's a great looking meal . Kudos

    Have fun and . . . 

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