Since Hallowe'en is approaching, how 'bout some HORROR STORIES?!!?!?

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  1. mdboatbum

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    We've all had it happen, you plan everything to a "T" (or not), and disaster strikes.

    Let's hear some of your smoking, grilling or other food related mishaps.

    I'll start.

    It was Christmas eve, maybe 10 years ago. I was at my Brother's place in Durham. The food preparation was running long, as was usually the case, and it was getting late. The kids were hungry, and my other brother and myself decided we'd jump in and expedite the situation.

    Apparently the problem was too much food and not enough oven. Being a resourceful, albeit misguided, man, I took the bull by the horns and decided to relocate the beautiful half cooked standing rib roast from the overcrowded oven to the gas grill so as to make room for whatever else needed to go in. I cranked the grill as high as she'd go 'til the lid thermometer read 400˚. Grabbed the roast and plopped it right on the rack, thinking it'd get that nice grilled flavor. I then went back inside to rejoin the festivities, assuring my oldest brother that his roast was safe and sound. About 45 minutes (roughly 2.5 glasses of single malt whisky if you're going by our traditional Holiday method of measuring time) my niece comes screaming into the living room to inform us that the back porch is on fire. Bravely fighting my way through the smoke, I found what appeared to be a meteorite that had obviously fallen from the sky, landed in the grill and destroyed the rib roast upon impact. (My brother didn't buy that story either. ) I'm not kidding, there was at least a 3/4" layer of black char surrounding the thing.

    It all worked out in the end. We chiseled through the exterior only to discover the inside was perfectly medium rare and still moist, having been protected by the rapidly formed protective crust.

    We still laugh about it at each and every family gathering. And I'm still banned from my brother's kitchen.
  2. roller

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    Thats a good story !!!!

    Last thanksgiving I was assigned to make the chicken and dumplings for our dinner and I might say mine are very good. I had them all cooked up in the pot and I had tasted them to make sure that they were perfect. So I put the lid on the warm dumplings and placed them in my truck and started on my way for the 25 mile drive to my Moms house for dinner. When I got there I sat the pot on the table and everyone had gathered around for the dinner and when I tooked the lid off the pot there was nothing but a real BAD sour smell coming out of that pot. They had soured on the way over there and had to be thrown away....There were some PO people...and I was very imbarrassed....
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    Had a similar experience as Mdboatbum. Cook a PR and had to go to the store. Left the 13 yr old daughter to watch the PR. Well for some reason it caught fire and she being the inteligent kid she was, did what I had taught her on many a camping trip. She put the fire out with dirt. By the time I got back 30 minutes later the dirt flavor had "cooked" into the PR and it was a loss.
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     One time me and a roommate i had at the time were drinking all night at a party. We got home and had a few more and i decided it was time for bed .My roommate lets call him Burt to give credit were credit is due.He was hungry all we had was a  uncooked  pot roast.He had seen me pressure cook them in no time when time is a issue.So i woke up smoke alarm blaring .I ran down the hall to find Burt asleep on the couch in a room full of smoke.I ran into the kitchen to find my pressure cooker blow ed up roast, carrots and potato's on the celling the floor everywhere.It was hell getting it all cleaned up.I had to repaint and when the light is just right you can still see spots on the celling.The moral of the story never let a drunk near your kitchen and keep new batterys in your smoke alarm.[​IMG]
  5. michael ark

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    Bump.I know their is more horror stories out their.[​IMG]WHAHAHAHA[​IMG]

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