Seasoning a new smoker built out of wood

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by venison, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Hello I'm trying to figure out how to season my smoker I built that out of tongue and groove pine any suggestions Thanks
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    What is it lined with?

    I'm no smokehouse builder, but it seems to me you wouldn't want pine exposed on the inside.

    However after doing some research I realized there are a lot of smokehouses built with pine.

    I'm sure some one will come along to help you with seasoning it.

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    Venison, morning.....  Over several hours, slowly raise the interior temperature to 50 degrees above your expected upper temp limit....  and hold there for many hours...   I would not elevate the temp above 250 ish....  if you need a temperature above 200 ish in the smoke house, use the oven in the kitchen or gas grill etc...  add smoke, lots of smoke for extended periods to seal the pores in the wood..    Then be careful... the smoker will burn faster than a speeding bullet...  but it will produce great food....   and smoker fires are AWESOME....  they burn hot and fast.. I've had a few...
  4. OK thanks for the info

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