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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smoked salt, Mar 20, 2014.

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    We are an independent salt company looking for someone to smoke our salts. If you are a smokehouse or someone who specializes in smoked salts- Alder wood and Cherry wood preferred, please contact me through this blog.

    Thank you
  2. Hello.  IF I were back home in the States I might take you up on your offer.  As I am now in the U.K. I have a question:  Why not smoke your own?  2-3 converted fridges and you are laughing.  Cuts shipping costs and smoking costs.  My bet is what you want to pay for smoking wouldn't cover my time and fuel costs.  Not a dig at you, just fact.  If you convert 2-3 fridges to smokers ( cheap and easy to do ) you could smoke your own.  A fridge will allow you to do some pretty good volume.  It ain't rocket science and doesn't take a lot of time.  Heat, smoke and stir now and then.  Is a big volume but your technique should develop quickly.  Just an idea.  Good luck.

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    we are definitely looking into smokers, hopefully we find a professional soon. I think 5,000 lbs a month guaranteed is a pretty nice start.

    Thank you for the well wishes!
  4. Hello. Please forgive me, I don't mean to be rude.  Trust me, you don't need a "professional".  You can do this, and a self build fridge conversion is cheap and easy to do.  A "professional" ( what ever that may be in the smoking world ) will have their own restaurant and will not have time to help you out.  5000 lbs, a month, is  a nice start but what are you planning to offer for that?  So we will say I  have 1 smoker and I can smoke 100lbs at a time for 4 hours.  So we are talking 50 times 4 which is 200 hours per month + fuel.  Imagine what that cost will put on your designer salt.  You can do this yourself and save money.  It ain't rocket science.  You have empolyees who can tend the smoker.  I will not argue with you.  If you insist you want a " professional" so be it.  If you want help I will be at your beck and call.  That's the best I can offer.  Good luck.

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    Thank you Danny, your numbers and everything you said are very true. I will definitely pass your email on to the owners of our company.

    Thank you so much for your time an encouragement- I will take you up on the consulting :)
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    I kinda have to agree with Danny... but instead of the refrigerator... just build a couple (3 or 4) smokehouses (4'x4'x7') with 1/2" plywood.... you can put somewhere around 20 racks (stainless steel) in it... a cold smoke generator... one employee.. and your in business .... sounds MUCH cheaper than freight and labor ....

    How would you ship the 5,000 lbs a month back and forth to the "Professional" .... 1 ton sacks (super sacks) ?? already bagged on pallets (how would it be returned after smoking)... ?? bulk in a box ?? supplier paying all shipping ?? Where are you located (if you would please fill in your profile so others can try to put shipping cost back in their expenses) ??

    As Danny said...I don't see how it would be cost effective...
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    We would arrange shipping to and from the smoker. Supply the supersacks as well as liners.

    We also supply the salt- cakewalk right?
  8. Hello.  JD has given you another good option.  I never even considered the shipping, DUH!!  My suggestion is not to go out and buy a big commercial smoker.  Build one.  We have folks here with all sorts of skills.  We can talk you through the build if your skills may not lend themselves to that sort of thing.  Just my suggestion.  If I can be of any more help, you know where to find me.  Keep Smokin!


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