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    I did these back on Jan-15. They are gone now but thought i would share.

    This recipe uses cure #2 and is a Poli recipe. Please refer to his site for the recipe. Your looking for Italian style salami sticks. The longer these are left hanging after the 7 days the harder they will become.

    Getting ready for mixing. The liquid (bottom left) is 1/4 tsp T-SPX mixed with distilled water and a pinch of dextrose. Set this aside for adding last before stuffing.

    Here is the mix. I added the T-SPX to cold distilled water with a pinch of dextrose and set aside. This will be added last

    Mixing the dry with the meat. This is 5 lbs of 85/15 GB. I mixed the dry into the meat in stages, mixing well in between.

    Hanging right after stuffing. These will hang for a 12 hour fermentation.

    This pic was taken 7 hours into the fermentation process. Not the darker color change and casings starting to shrivel.

    Forward to 7 days later.

    7 day drying.

    Cut and taste.

    Made these before and the collagen casing peeled right off.

    The collagen casings not peeling good so in the fridge for couple days to see if the casings peel. NOTE: You dont have to take the casings off but i was asked to remove (by wife)

    Put the sticks in a container for the fridge. Next batch i will use sheep casings.

    As always thanks for looking and all the kind words.
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  2. MY T FINE!


    Happy smoken.

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    Those look great!!!  Nice work!!  Reinhard
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    N, Nice looking stix !
  5. Those look awesome. Could you PM me the link to his site? I think I know I want to try those.

    Thank you.

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