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  1. Hey Everyone,
    I have a question with regards to rubs. My dad just recently had a 4 way heart bypass and I am just finishing up my smoker, and he is anxious to eat some of the Q. The question that I have is that he cannot have a ton of salt. I was curious if anyone had any good rub recipes that may not contain a lot of salt. Also, he is a diabetic and needs to watch his sugar intake. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks in advance. Erik,
  2. chefrob

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    I have subbed the sugar in my rub to splenda and have not noticed a difference. I sptriz with apple juice but it has not effected my sugar that much, as for the salt I am working on that, but what I am doing is reducing it a bit at a time and adding other herbs to try to still get same taste
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    We don't have to watch our salt here but after a few test runs with rubs, I have cut the salt in half on all my rub recipes.

  5. Thanks for that reciped, I am going to try it this weekend.
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    that must make a ton of rub huh? sounds like alot anyway i need to get an airtight container
  7. Try a vacuum sealer, like a Tilia FoodSaver. Works great for my rub storage.
  8. You can also try a marinade ... you don't have to use a rub. IMHO, sometimes they turn out better than with a rub.
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    Sugar shouldn't be found in a rub and I don't put salt in it either, just spices and herbal stuff. Of course I'm a Carolina fan and sugar is mostly a no no there anyway.
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    You have to watch the store bought rubs for they will be packed full of salt and you can't use it. So you have to get some home made recipes like theses that they ahve given you. I know that Jeff's rub from here is low in salt.
  11. Thanks everyone, I just wanted to make sure that my dad could enjoy the smoker as much as me and my family will, thanks again. Erik,
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    No sugar....really??!!!

    Every recipe I have ever seen or used has some level of sugar, but the one I use most has no salt.

    I would be really interested in a recipe that has no salt or sugar and still flavors the meat. (I'm not being a smart alleck, I really am curious)
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    i hope it works for you........i use it on everything!

    not too just need to smoke more! [​IMG]
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    I make 6 different rubs and none have any added salt. If you use chili powder in your rub check the ingredient list, some have salt as an ingredient.
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    We use sea salt grind real fine. I am not big of salt, but i have notice by switching from regular table salt to sea salt i use less. When grinding it i put it in a seperate bowl so i can measure it out just right.

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