Rib membrane tip????

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bb53chevpro, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. bb53chevpro

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    I see that some people are having problems with removing the membrane. I too have a hard time with this. With that said, on my Father's day smoke I tried something. Rather than removing the membrane, take a sharp knife and score the membrane on both sides of each bone and once down the center of the bone. This helped allowing the the meat to pull from the bone.
    It worked for me....give it a try...
  2. It DOES work Andy, but ya still get left with strips of "chewing gum" on the back side.
  3. seaham358

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    A dry paper towel works wonders getting it off.. Peel up a corner and pull..
    I can be a pain sometime..
  4. A butter knife seems to work well for me to get it started then use the aforementioned paper towel to get a grip and peel off.
  5. I'm with the rest of them. My first couple times it was aggravating trying to get it off all at once. Now I just use a butter knife to get it started & pull with a paper towel & it all comes off in 1 section.
  6. I get it started with my boning knife, then wrap around the blade a few turns, then pull.
  7. 1894

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    The membrain removal starts at around 4:45 into this video , but gives a good example of one way to do it.

  8. I keep a pair of pliers in the kitchen, works well unless the membrane has been scored from the packing plant.
  9. Today im tryin my 2nd go round with ribs... the 1st time, I couldnt get nuttin but little bts of film off ( chewy ribs) ... the 1st ribs i tried were really cheap...
    so today I thought I would try some from a more reputable market... used some fish skinning pliers to get started and then pulled right off with help of a paper towel for grip... so my amature advice would be quality meat and skinning pliers.
  10. Like FireGuy, I have had to use skinning plier for fish to get the membrane before on some cheaper ribs from HEB or WalMart. Most of the time when I get them from the meat market, I can use needle nose plier to start and then the paper towel to finish.

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