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  1. finally gave pastrami a try with some store bought corned beef flat. It turned out great flavor wise but I should have trusted my gut and finished it with a toothpick test. I took it up to 195 IT and it wasn't tender enough for my liking I think for thicker hand cut slicing 200-205 IT would have been better. But regardless It still tasted great fresh out of the smoker!

    rubbed with mustard, dusted with garlic and onion powder and a thick black pepper crust.






    and in case you were wondering about the pork shoulder in the beginning....


    thanks for looking! more pics here: http://notomatoesbbq.blogspot.com/2012/04/big-smoke.html
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  2. bamafan

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    Great lookin Pastrami. I only cook mine to 170 but I use a slicer and cut it very thin, Next time I'm going to cook til 195-200 and see how they come out.
  3. scarbelly

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    That came out great. I have one in the fridge waiting for me to get time to do it. 
  4. hows the texture at 170 bamafan? I would imagine you need to cook it a little on the short side if you a slicing super thin.

    Scar definitely smoke that thing when you have a chance, fresh from the smoker these things taste great. I would test a small piece first and decide whether or not it needs to be soaked in fresh water for a bit. Mine was super salty straight from the bag so I soaked it over night and it made a big difference in how salty the end results where.
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    Looks good !!!
  6. thanks man, im going to smoke another one this weekend and try taking it up to 205* this time around and see how easy a toothpick goes in.

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